How to mount dual shock 2nd pcb correctly, Best way?

I’m trying to figure out the best way to mount the smaller pcb of the dual shock… … I need some ideas on how to mount both pcbs together without smashing/damaging components on either pcb. (fyi one of my friends had a custom hack dual shock pcb, the builder used stick tape and just ahered both pcbs together, i didn’t like it cause the sticky tape was RIGHT on the little pcb components)

any ideas?

too bad that 2nd pcb is just “dangling” by the little ribbon cable :sweat:

i thought of using some type of spacer between the two pcb but gotta figure out whether to use glue, velcro, or even hot glue or something else

if anybody has pics or good ideas, please let me know

electrical tape?

I make the soldered wires really long and wrap those around it which holds the whole thing nicely together.

I use Styrofoam peanuts and zip ties.

got some pics? that sounds like a very good and simple idea

Just put a peanut between the two PCBs for cushion, then use a zip tie or two to keep them together. Conveniently, the peanuts Lizard Lick uses to pack are extra smooshy, thus work really well.

I’ll take a picture in the next couple of days if you need it.

man, i have thrown out all of LD peanuts!