How to mount Japanese parts in a US cabinet?

I have a Neo Geo MVS Wooden upright arcade cabinet and you know what? I think Sanwa/Seimitsu parts have spoiled me. I can NOT play most of these games on this stick anymore…

i’m not sure how I can mount it in though, I’ve only mounted into plexi/metal CPO. Help?

I thought that Neo-Geo cabs used Seimitsu LS-40 sticks as standard?

Unless I’m completely wrong…

I know the ones I played on did not have a bat top.

It’s a converted cab.

but even still, American MVS Cabs << had HAPP parts

Regardless of stock stick, it should not be a problem to mount something else. Can you take any pics of the inside or compare the original mounting plate with one from a Japanese stick?

sure can. I will post them in about and hour or two when I’m not in class anymore.

Wow Nevermind. I didn’t notice before, but I have a metal control panel. xD and it looks like it had japanese hardware mounted in it before. I might be able to pop in some seimitsu parts now :3

Yeah, you’ll be fine.


are japanese and american buttons the same diameter?

i dont think so… happ buttons i think are 28mm, where sanwa/seimitsu buttons are 30mm…

Yep, Happ buttons are smaller. If you want SA/SE buttons, you’ll need to do a bit of grinding.

If you find the holes are too small, then it’s a very simple process to make them larger by using a semi circular file or Dremel grinder. But please be aware that you’ll have difficulty securing smaller 28mm buttons in future.

Oh, and get buttons with a nut if unsure whether snap ins will fit properly. Sanwa OBSN-30 and Seimitsu PS-14-GN are a safe choice.

If push comes to shove I can mount a new peice of plexi on it. I don’t mind HAPP buttons, it’s the sticks I can’t get over anymore. Maybe have a hybrid lol.

i think the only issue with tyring to add say a Samitsu Jlf is basicly how much material is left for you to use the mounting plate for it. Looking at the inside of your controll pannel i would say you may have a chance. but part of me still feels a bit…iffy about it.