How to neutralize analog pots?

I’m hacking a Dreamcast controller (Mad Catz Dreampad) and the two analog stick pots and two trigger pots are all busted off, making everything go haywire input-wise. I did some searching and found a recommendation to find which of the three points on each pot are ground, and then put a 1/8th watt 10K resistor between the other two. I just did that and nothing has changed.

Can anyone help me on this?

slagcoin has a good write up on it.

More likely, because you’ll want analog sticks centered, you’d want equal resistors between high and wiper and wiper and ground.

Of course, for two axes on two sticks, you’ll either need 8 resistors, or connect the wipers together, and then put a resistor between this and high and another between this and ground (I’m assuming it’s a common ground pad)

I attached resistors to the analog pots and both triggers, and I’ve got a strange problem. When the Dreamcast boots up, I can hit the start button to get to the menu, but once I get there none of the buttons work and the up direction doesn’t work either. If I unplug the controller from the Dreamcast and then plug it back in, everything works fine. What could be causing this?