How to not get frustrated?


I keep getting frustrated when trying to play Chun-Li. She’s the only character I like and the only one I’m willing to play with. I keep trying to practice, and when in training mode, I can pull off some simple stuff pretty well. In battling however, I tend to resort to button-mashing. Why is this?


You are still learning the game, and do not know the ins and outs of your character well enough to react to the many situations or advanced tactics other people can employ. The only cure is time and practice.


I may not know much myself, but I gotta agree with the above statement. Practice does wonders when you’re doing it for hours and hours, preferably against a super-hard computer in the Training Room.

Also, I believe Chun-Li is a charge character, and I too had a lot of trouble using her at first. They’re a bit hard to master, at least in my opinion.


The best way to avoid frustration is to focus on small areas of your game to improve, then when you feel you’ve improved, move on to the next weakness. Take it one step at a time and whether you win or lose, analyse 1)did I improve where I wanted to? and 2)did I at least stay the same in other areas, or did I regress?

The journey of a thousand miles…


Quoting for truth. I’m an avid movie maker, love making fun movies out of everything I play, including StreetFighter - To make more use of this I simply recorded every match so I could self-analyze as well as have my character-community pitch in their 2cents - This helps see firsthand what you did right and wrong because, let’s face it, a lot of the problems are much harder to remember on the fly during an actual match and when the dust has settled you may not have really seen the problem ‘during’ the fight as opposed to simply watching it afterwards.

It’s very very difficult not to get frustrated in competative games - Some people have a great handle on it and never seem to be phased at all by frustration or pressure - Ideally not many people will ever be like that. For me I try to tell myself a) Even when losing, I’ll probably learn something b) It’s a game, games are fun, win or lose I will still improve and the experience will become better and c) I realised that after 2 years using the exact same character, I never got bored even once (And this is as Balrog, reputedly the most linear character in the game) all because seeing myself improve and working on learning is actually the real fun behind it all as opposed to putting what you learned to the test.

Enjoy the learning experience because at the end of the day, those who see it as a chore or something that gets under their skin, simply won’t learn as much.


with chun li, i ended up throwing my stick and quitting for a few months. =)


Tape a teddy bear to the side of your monitor. Look at it every time you feel like throwing something at your screen.


You are kinda new I guess and still learning.But usually in training mode almost everything works like for instance I am able to pull of almost every of Ken’s combos 9 out of 10 times,but in online matches I miss these “easy” combos a lot.You just have to repeat combos and stuff many times and from time to time you will get used to it and can pull off all the stuff with ease in online matches.
And if you lose too many matches 1 day,then play sth else or just take a short break from SF4.


I know what you mean. I’m a total novice in Street Fighter (I played SFA3 and SF2 when I was a kid, but I button-mashed), but the first character I gravitated to was Viper despite her insane demands for execution. I tried other characters but I’m not good with anybody at all yet. My execution’s still poor, but when I wanted to just see what’s it’s like to play against someone else I lost every match I had online. Moves weren’t coming out, I started button-mashing, and I wasted openings. It’s tough because it feels like you need a turbo button on your fingers to even execute combos, and despite all the guides I’ve read they can’t help you with the physical part of timing and speed which you only gain by practice.

Still, despite having this game for a couple months (stopping from time to time out of frustration) I think I’ve made a little progress. I’ve found a way to hold the joystick that doesn’t hurt my hand, figuring out timing doesn’t seem as impossible, and from reading guides I can actually understand what people mean by links and chains. Granted, I still suck, but I’m trying. :slight_smile:

Well, thank you for creating this thread for me to vent. I know it’s not mine, but it helps know that I know other people know my pain. lol

Edit: I’ve made small, but notable progress. Before, I gave up at Viper’s 13th trial deeming it too hard, but just now I pulled it off after a short time. I almost jumped for joy. It’s important to me since I thought it was impossible before, but it seems that all the time I just messed around in training mode, reading guides, and tried out other characters paid off. I immediately noticed a difference this time around trying Viper’s trial just by me looking at it and saying, “That’s it? I can do that!” It makes me realize that progress is definitely a slow process. So keep trying man, you’ll definitely get better. Definitely not overnight, but if you’re so hung up about the negative you won’t even be able to appreciate how far you’ve come. Just try and have fun.


Haha I like your suggestion. I’ve been losing most of my matches and always end up with frustration. Felt like bashing my table the way akuma smashes the ground in his victory animation.

PS: Are there anybody here willing to play some matches with me and teach me a few tricks?