How to not suck at Fei Long: An Advanced Fei Long Guide



Alright so I’ve seen a lot of people with mixed opinions on Fei, many people seem to be struggling with him, but there are a couple of users who just seem to “get it” with Fei and who are doing great with him. I personally think Fei is a pretty damn good character once you learn his ins and outs, so hopefully this guide from my experiences can help you guys out.

Part 1: How am I supposed to play Fei?**

When you look at Fei’s moveset, he’s got a lot of good options. Rekkas and Chicken Wing for closing space, a great overhead, a long range focus attack, a command grab with good damage options, a decent DP, as well as some really solid pokes. So what does this mean and how do you put it all together?

IMO Fei is capable of rushing down or playing the spacing game, depending on the matchup. He’s got all the tools he needs to do both. It’s your job to determine what style you should choose to use depending on the player you are against.

Note that I say “player” and not “character”. Often times a rush down style of play just won’t work vs certain people, and sometimes turtling is just ineffective. To be good at fighting games, it’s not only about knowing the matchups, but more importantly, reading and adapting to your opponents tendencies.

SF4 is a somewhat high risk game. You have to read your opponent well and make educated guesses a lot of the time in order to be successful. This doesn’t mean that you should be doing unsafe things like flame kicking every chance you get when you expect your opponent to throw out a poke on a blind guess, because if you’re playing someone decent, they probably are TRYING to make you do that. The best thing to do is make these educated guesses in your favor, where even if you guessed wrong, you’re not exposing too much of your position to your opponent. You should never give the game away with Fei, you should make them take it from you.

With that said, let me get down to the specifics in the next section.

**Part 2: Fei’s specials and how to use them.

:qcf::p: Rekkaken AKA Rekkas

Rekka Punches are probably one of the most important parts of Fei’s game. It allows him to strike from almost half way across the screen, punish whiffed moves many other characters cannot punish, as well was surprising an unsuspecting opponent. It’s especially important in matches such as vs Zangeif, as rekkas net you a knock down and give you a lot of space to work with before being backed into the corner. Also because of the huge knockback of the rekkas, you can send your opponent into the corner pretty much every time you land a rekka combo.

Now there is a downside to the rekkas and that’s that they are punishable if not spaced correctly or improperly hit confirmed. If you’re aspiring to be a competitive Fei, you MUST learn these skills.

There’s a simple trick to making the rekkas safe and that is to always make sure you hit with the tip of Fei’s fist. If they are blocked, ALWAYS stop at the second hit if you go that far. It’s safest to stop at the first but if you didn’t space the first one properly, you can delay the first hit so they’re pushed back slightly and then follow up with a second one using the LP version. If done correctly, it should push them out to the tip of Fei’s fist, making the move safe from retaliation.

The second part is hit confirm. After doing the first rekka, always pay close attention to if it hit or not. You have surprisingly long to decide whether or not to finish the series after a hit, so train yourself to spot hits and run with them. There’s a useful option in training mode called “random block” under guard which can help you practice hit confirming your rekkas. I’d suggest giving it a shot.

Once you’ve mastered these two things you can move on to the almighty-

cr.LP qcf+LP

This little block string is amazing for pressure. The cr.LP is quick and has good range, and on hit allows you to combo into the full rekka series. If spaced correctly you can stop after the first rekka punch and continue to do it again on a scared opponent. You can mix in a second rekka punch to throw off their timing and make them hesitate, so when stopping at the first rekka, they won’t immediately retaliate. This series also combos off of cl.MP and cr.MP.

** :l::d::db::k: Shienkyaku AKA Flame Kick**

This is a pretty standard DP. It’s fast and has invincibility on startup, and is unsafe on block. That’s all fairly common knowledge. The problem with fei’s flame kick is that it’s hit box is not as large as a shoto’s DP so you really have to exercise a lot more skill in using it. It’s a valuable tool once mastered and can be used the same as a shoto’s DP, so practice hard.

Deciding which version to use in which situation is important. In previous street fighter games, the LK version was much safer and was usually the choice move to go to for his reversal. Not anymore. It’s just as punishable as any other DP in the game and has 1 less frame of invincibility than the MK and HK versions. So in other words, do not use this version.

Usually, the best choice is the MK version. Unlike the HK version, it only has one hit, so clipping them with the far end of the move results in the same damage as netting a meaty hit up close. Both versions are invincible into the first active frame of the move, meaning if timed correctly, this should never trade. Up close, the HK version does 2 hits and more damage, but often times you will only get 1 hit out of it, resulting in less damage. So if you are able to discern when you should use MK vs HK, then by all means go for it, but if you’re just starting out then I suggest sticking with the MK version. MK is also more damaging if you’re planning on using it for an FADC combo.

The flame kick has a couple of uses. On the ground it can be used to reverse people’s attacks against an overly aggressive or predictable player. You can use it on wake up to escape meaty attacks, or during mix up situations such as after an HK chicken wing blocked. You can mix it up with a throw so that if you condition your opponent to throw break after a chicken wing, the flame kick will beat out a throw or a poke / DP from the other player.

Beating DPs with the flame kick is something I don’t see many players do. The trick is to wait a second during a situation where you think the opponent with try to reverse with their own DP such as on wake up, and then flame kick. This ensures that your invincibility frames overlap theirs and you end up going into your active frames after their invincibility has ended. I would suggest using this tactic late in a match where you know the opponent will die from block damage, or in a situation where you have 50% meter and are not taking a risk if it’s blocked.

When anti airing with the flame kick, you have to be careful, since it loses to jump ins if timed incorrectly. Always wait until the opponent is low to the ground before letting the flame kick rip loose, as it can lose to some of the stronger jump ins such as Ryu’s j.HK. Also, it’s can be difficult to anti air extended limbs unless you are really comfortable with the timing. I would suggest not trying to use the flame kick as a long range anti air vs an extended limb, as it can be really risky and often lose. He has other normals for this purpose. Instead, wait till they jump in where they will be coming down right next to fei, to ensure that you don’t lose or trade.

**:hcf::uf::k: Rekkukyaku AKA Chicken Wing. **

One of Fei’s more difficult to use tools, but also the most rewarding, chicken wing is a somewhat safe alternative for a reversal compared to the flame kick with more reward. It can also be used in air combos after a flame kick FADC and has a surprisingly long amount of invincibility frames during the startup on the HK version.

Only the HK version and EX version of this move are really all that useful. The MK and LK versions are faster but are too bad on block and net no reward on hit to really see any use. The EX version also has a special property of being immune to fireballs. This means that if you react quickly, you can close in on a turtling fireball character and if you were really fast, even get a free combo.

Using the HK chickenwing effectively is one of the key factors of playing a good fei. It’s risky to use it to close in from a far distance as it can be reversaled easliy by shotos and loses to neutral jumps for big damage combos afterwards. That’s not to say you shouldn’t use it to get in on someone from max range but DO NOT whore it out, as you will pay the price. At mid range, it can be used to reverse longer range pokes such as Dictators st.HK. On hit you can combo into cr.LP -> rekkas or even cr.MP -> Super. There’s a 1-2 frame link for st.HP afterwards as well but you have to land the chicken wing really deep and time it perfectly in a heated match, something I find extremely difficult, so I’ve avoided trying to use this in my game as you risk being reverse and giving up damage opportunities. Instead I always go for the cr.LP > rekka combo, as it’s the most reliable from any range and still nets a good reward and a knockdown

Another interesting use for the move is that it’s throw invincible on startup, meaning that if you’re in a situation where you can to guess throw or an attack, those will beat both options. Don’t use this vs Zangeif though because the whiff animation for his throw causes him to duck under the chickenwing. Hopefully this is fixed in the future but for now, just don’t take the risk.

On wake up you can use the chicken wing as an escape option thanks to it’s invincibility frames. It’s especially good for dodging corner cross ups and resetting momentum, as you will fly straight away from them and land with them in the corner and you far away from danger. If you’re going to try to reverse, try to use this instead of flame kick unless you have 50% meter, as it’s more rewarding and much safer.

Of course in certain matchups where characters have a good reversal or don’t spend much time standing, this move doesn’t have as many uses. Vs. Ryu, it’s often dangerous to try because he can react to it and DP you out of it for big damage. He also tends to spend a lot of time crouching, so you’ll end up going over him up close and possibly getting punished. The important thing to remember is that it’s only good vs standing hit boxes unless spaced from far away, so try to catch people out of their moves with it.

You can also use HK chicken wing to go through fireballs but the timing is much more tight. It’s better to use it on wake up to dodge a meaty fireball than anything else, as it usually doesn’t last long enough to get you through one in a neutral situation.

:hcb::k: Tenshin AKA Command Grab

The infamous command grab. It has very slow startup and short range but when successful results in big damage. The difference between this move and a regular command grab is that it usually shouldn’t be used without a setup unless facing an extremely scared opponent. It has such long startup that it’s best to use it after a blocked move. The EX version of this move has much improved range.

Timing is tight though so practice up landing moves after it connects, as you don’t have long. The input window starts just as he lands from rolling over their back.

On hit you can land st.HP -> Rekkas without meter or st.HK -> super with meter for max damage.

My personal setups for this move are:

*Jump in / Cross up > Land > Command Grab
walk up point blank or after a jump in cl.LP canceled into command grab
cr.LK cr.LP EX command grab
st.MP walk forward slightly command grab
Flame Kick FADC command grab
level 2 focus dash walk forward slightly command grab.
On hit, HP Rekka x2, stop short and EX command grab. *

Many of these situations are escapable if used too often so always mix it up and use it sparingly. The important thing is conditioning. If you can condition them to block after things like a level 2 focus, or a cl.MP, it’s a very rewarding and inescapable choice compared to a regular grab.

:qcf::qcf::p: Rekkashinken AKA Super

Fei’s super. The stronger the button you use, the further he goes. I mainly use this in combos or in certain long range punish situations. It’s easiest to hit confirm off of cl.MP folllowed up by cr.MP super. You can also do cr.MP x2 > super or cr.LK st.LP cr.MP super after chicken wing or a cross up to get an easy hit confirm.

Other situations it’s useful are generally places where you catch an opening but are too far to capitalize with anything else. IE: zangeif whiffs a PPP lariat, you can dash forward and punish with this as he recovers.

Don’t try to reverse with this as it’s risky and wastes your full meter. Play smart and play safe. Don’t be a scrub.

**:qcf::qcf::3p: Rekkashingeki aka Ultra **

Fei’s amazingly cool and amazing shitty ultra. It doesn’t do very good damage, is somewhat slow on startup, can’t be comboed into for good damage, and has short range on the second hit so that even if you successfully land the first hit as a reversal, the second hit will often whiff and leave you open for punishment.

So what should you use this for? Mainly, as a combo after fei’s focus, or to add extra damage after a chicken wing air hit. You can land it after a flame kick FADC and get 3 hits out of it if you time it early, but it’s pretty difficult and barely does more damage than just a chicken wing follow up. So generally, save it for after a focus, or after a flame kick FADC chicken wing where they have just a little bit of life left and you need something extra to kill them, as you will only get 2 hits out of it.

You CAN combo it off of a j.HK on hit though, so if you know you’re going to land a hit IE: you jumped over a fireball, it can be a good damage option later in the match.

The only other use for it is punishment. Namely, blocking DPs and ultras, or blocking zangeif’s PPP lariat. You can use it to go through close up fireballs on wake up when close to the opponent but that is risky. It’s better just to sit on the ultra and just continue to play safe than to take a huge risk and go for it. Save it for when you KNOW it will hit. Playing good means not taking dumb risks and while random ultra may hit every now and then, it won’t win in the long run. You must play the odds my friend.

**Part 3: Fei’s normals and how to use them. **

Fei has a great set of normals that you can use for most any situation. I think proper use of his normals is what separates a good fei from a bad one. Take time to learn the use of each and their proper spacing, and you’ll soon be getting many more wins with him than when you were just spamming chicken wing and rekkas. Fei is very capable of playing the footsie game, so use that to your advantage.

I’m only going to cover the normals I find useful.

st.HP: THE HAND SHAKE. Fei’s notorious poke from ST, and still a great move. It’s got good range, a good hit box, and does good damage. On hit it leaves you at +1 so you’re free to continue poking at them and if they try anything, they get hit again. Use this to keep them in check at mid range and pressure them without much risk.

cr.MP: Probably one of fei’s best normals. It’s extremely fast, has good range, and recovers quickly. It can combo into itself on hit and can be super canceled. Practice hit confirming it into super and you have a really nice punishment tool as well as a mid range poke that will frustrate the hell out of your opponent. Over all I believe this is his go-to mid range poke.

cr.MK: This move is quick and practically makes Fei melt into the floor. He maintains a really low profile, so it will go under a lot of pokes. Use it to frustrate your opponents approach and push them out, as well as getting some quick hits in. Like cr.MP, it’s hit confirmable into super. Mix this up with his overhead and you’ll start getting them scared.

forward+MK: Fei’s overhead. An awesome mid range tool that does more than just act as an overhead. On block it’s not very good but usually leaves you at a range where it’s not punishable. On hit it leaves you at +1 allowing a quick cr.LP to CH anything they attempt to throw out afterwards. On counter hit it COMBOS into cr.LP, so get good with that timing.

This move also has the excellent property of being airborn as he does the kick so it can evade throws and low pokes like ryu’s cr.MK and many characters crouching jabs. Use this after you’ve pushed them out a bit to close back in and put pressure on them again. You can also mix it up on hit with a throw or a flame kick. It’s especially good vs charge characters as it keeps them from sitting on a charge too long. Abuse it.
close.MP**: Probably fei’s BEST normal when you are in range to use it. It leaves you at a whopping +3 on block and +7 on hit. When used in pressure situations, you can continue to follow it up with mix ups such as cr.lp rekka to keep them blocking, walk forward and throw or command grab, or go for other pokes. Train them to block after it and you can work fei’s mind games. On wake up it’s probably fei’s choice move vs characters without reversals, making for an excellent meaty.

On hit it combos into cr.LP rekkas or cr.MP -> Super. Comboed into a sweep, it nets you 300 stun! That’s a lot. You can also use this to stop people from jumping away from you up close when you’re on top of them. It really adds a ton of pressure to fei’s game and should be used as much as possible.

The other useful thing about this move is after a jump in, it’s a much safer option than cl.HP. Since you don’t have time to hit confirm, this lets you keep the pressure on and not give up your options on block, but not give up your damage on hit.

cr.LP: One of fei’s other good pokes, use this to keep pressure on the opponent. It can combo into itself or rekkas, has good range and is fast. Use it after frame traps canceled into rekkas to keep the pressure on, you can really harass someone with this outside of their effective poking range where you will outspeed almost anything they throw out. Vs. characters with no reversal you can get away with cr.lp > rekkas often many times over.

cr.LK: a great low for starting combos and a good tick throw. Use it after a cross up or in a mix up situation to make the overhead more effective. On hit it combos into cr.LP or st.LP cr.LP rekkas for easier timing on the links. You can also do st.LP cr.MP super afterwards on hit for good hit confirmable damage. It has good range and is pretty fast, so you can use it like you use cr.LP up close.

st.LP: leaves Fei at +frames on block to continue walking forward and harassing them. This is fei’s best setup for the command grab imo. Just make sure they block it before going into the command grab, as on hit, the command grab will whiff and leave you open.

cr.HP: Fei’s longest range poke, use it like you use cr.MP, just slightly slower and from further away. It can be used to go under things because of it’s low profile, like zangeifs lariat. Use it to catch people from off guard after a block string from a safe distance. Can combo after cr.MP on counter hit.

cl.HP: unsafe as hell on block, don’t use it in pressure. It’s great as an anti cross up tool when the opponent is close to you.

st.HK: an extremely long ranged anti air, use this over flame kick when anti airing from a distance. On characters with large hit boxes, it hits them while crouching, so whore it out vs zangeif. This move is KEY to defeating the russian giant that gives many fei’s a hard time, so master using it. It’s a very important tool in his arsenal. Be careful against certain characters like shotos though, because if you use the move too late, it will lose out to their jumping moves.

j.HK: Fei’s longest ranged jump in and best air to air. Use it in non-crossup situations to connect with an opponent after jumping over a fireball. vs. Jump happy opponents or dictators who like to spam stomps / devil’s reverse, simply meeting them in the air with this move is a very effective anti air. Learn to use it.

j.MK: Fei’s best cross up. The spacing on it takes a little practice but once mastered, is a valuable tool, especially against charge characters, as it forces them to lose their charge and lets you safely mix them up. Use it in your pressure, as it’s an integral part of fei’s game.

j.LK: Another cross up attack, this one has a slightly bigger hit box and more active frames than j.MK so use it when you are unsure if j.MK is close enough. It also sets up well for a tick throw thanks to it’s shorter hit stun.

j.MP: Has a strong downward hit box, and can often trade with anti airs that don’t usually trade. This move is one of fei’s lesser known and harder to apply cross ups, but when used correctly, is extremely deceptive. When used to cross up, it will hit on the side you jumped in from, but you will land behind them. You have to attack with it earlier than j.MK and from further away to get the cross up.

Neutral j.HK: A strong defensive tool, this move extends far out in front of Fei and slightly behind him, and although it can’t be used as a cross up, it can be used to hit someone who went under and behind you for whatever reason. Use this defensively to put a wall in front of yourself. It’s especially good for jumping over things like Boxer’s dash punches or simply evading a SPD and coming down for punishment. If you’re up on life and the other person is defending, resort to using this, it can go a long way when defending against another player’s offense. It also can work as an excellent air to air to meet a jumping opponent such as a viper attempting a super jump after a blocked earthquake.

**Part 4: Fei Long’s Focus Attack.

Why does Fei’s focus attack get its own section? Namely, because it’s a huge part of his game. Fei has one of the furthest reaching focuses in the game, as well as being one of the fastest. He’s one of the few characters that can actually use it to good effects in high level play. Not only that, but because Fei has a fast dash speed. After a level 2 focus, you’re left at frame advantage to continue pressuring the opponent.

Training yourself to release the focus on contact with your opponents attack takes a bit of work, but once you’ve got it down, it becomes second nature. Once you can do that, learning to recognize the point where the focus flashes and becomes level 2 (meaning crumple stun on hit) can really help maximize openings. You don’t always have time to charge it to level 2, but if you recognize a slow recovering poke, it’s a good skill to have.

Now being predictable with focus is dangerous. You need to recognize the ranges that your opponent likes to throw out slower single hit pokes. Learning the range a dictator likes to throw out st.HK or a sweep, standing in that position and baiting it out and then focusing will see a lot of success. Focus can also be used as an anti air as long as you aren’t predictable with it. You can lose to neutral jump> throw, but if you recognize your opponent is going for this, simply backdashing or releasing the focus early can save you in this situation. If your opponent blocks a level 1 focus, it’s usually best to just back dash for safety.

Another use of focus is simply baiting the opponent. Focusing at mid range and dash canceling it repeatedly can make them doubt themselves on their approach. You can also use this method to get in on ranged characters like dhalsim or a fireball zoning ryu simply by focusing, absorbing a hit, and dashing forward. Often times the opponent will try to attack immediately after this to capitalize on your white damage, so simply focusing again can sometimes score an easy crumple stun after this.

The plus frames on a blocked focus allow you enough time to cr.LP > rekkas to the point where the opponent cannot even reverse. This means that if you train them, you can easily work mix ups on them after a blocked focus in their expectation of a cr.lp. Some simple options include walk up throw, EX command grab, overhead, or into combo.

Getting good at using Fei’s focus attack successfully takes time. You can’t use it in every match up and at every range, and if the opponent sees you have a tendency to use it, they may even start using armor break moves. It’s best to use it sparingly when you pick up on places your opponent likes to throw out pokes, or occasionally thrown into pressure to keep them honest. With time and practice, it does become a valuable tool in your arsenal though.

Im having trouble doing a combo -> Rekkas

Part 5: The Combos to Know

Combos with Fei can be frustrating, as many of them require some pretty tight links, but there’s ways of making things easier on yourself, so don’t give up and always keep practicing. Eventually it will become second nature. Here’s a list of combos I find useful.
cr.LP > QCF+P series*

A simple quick hit confirmable combo. It can be used to punish in situations where you don’t have enough time for a cl.HP. This string is key in Fei’s game as it adds good pressure, is safe, and has good speed. On hit, results in a knockdown. Try to follow up with dashes to get back on top of them for wake up after a completed rekka series.

st.MP > cr.LP > Rekkas

Another easy hit confirmable combo and really a staple of Fei’s game. I usually use it after a jump in since it gives me time to hit confirm. Learn it and love it. Safe on block.

st.HP > Rekkas

Usually your go-to punisher when you don’t want to use any meter. Can be used to punish almost any unsafe move, as well as comboing after a command grab or a focus attack.
st.HP > MK Flame Kick > FADC > Chicken Wing *** Optional Ultra after this for added damage*

A higher damage punishment combo. Somewhat difficult at first but not so hard with practice. HK chicken wing is optimal but does not work on all characters and is somewhat difficult to land considering how slow it is. If you want something that does slightly less damage but is more reliable, follow up with a delayed MK Chicken Wing.

Flame Kick > FADC > 3 hit Ultra

Difficult to time, you have to do the ultra just as the opponent begins to fall from their upwards launch. If done correctly, they should land slightly higher on Fei’s fist than if you were to get a 2 hitter and then proceed to be hit byt the third and fifth hits. Does around 40% on most characters.
cr.LK > cr.LP > delayed cr.LP > rekkas*

This is your universal combo that works on all characters after a low hit. The timing is difficult because you have to delay the last cr.LP or it won’t be special cancelable (weird SF combo mechanics). At first you won’t get this 100% of the time, and you probably still won’t even after practice, but eventually you’ll be able to land it. An important part to of fei’s game to add in mix ups and damage off of a low. You can add in an extra cr.LK or cr.LP if you want to.
cr.LK > st.LP > cr.LP > Rekkas*

A much easier version of the previous combo. The timing is a lot less tight on the cr.LP to be special canceleable. THe only problem is that the st.LP will whiff on most smaller characters when crouching. Works on everyone when you hit them standing though. Be careful not to use this vs DP happy opponents, because if you whiff the st.LP, you may get DPed.
cr.LK > st.LP > cr.MP > Super*

A very hit confirmable way of landing the super off of a low. Takes a bit of practice but the most help I can give you on getting the super is to make sure that your final motion for the super ends at forward before pressing a punch and not down forward.

cl.MP > cr.MP > Super

Another way to hit confirm the super. It does half health. A very useful tool in fei’s arsenal, and works after a command grab.

HK / EX Chicken Wing > cr.LP > Rekkas

A difficult link at first, this is key for Fei’s game. It adds extra damage to successful chicken wings and results in a knock down. While the cr.LP variation is less damaging than the st.HP one, it is much more reliable. If you’re an execution demon, you can go for st.HP, but I don’t suggest it. Very difficult to land reliably as it takes perfect spacing on the chicken wing and excellent 1-2 frame timing.
HK Chicken Wing > cr.LK > st.LP > cr.MP > Super*

A flashy way of landing the super. It’s somewhat difficult but you’ll get massive style points for landing this.
CH Overhead > cr.LP > Rekkas*

Not really hit confirmable but you’ll usually be using cr.LP after the overhead anyway, so it’s nice to know that it’s there.
cr.MP > cr.MP > Super*

cr.MP links into itself so get used to doing that for added damage. You can tack on a super for extra damage when you have the meter.

CH cr.MP > cr.HP

rarely comes up but the option is there when other follow ups are out of range.
cr.MP > cr.LP > Rekkas*

I personally don’t use this too often but the option is there. You have to land cr.MP relatively close to combo the cr.LP.

Corner: MK Flame Kick trade > HK flame kick

Good way of adding some extra damage with a trade.

*MK Flame Kick trade > MK chicken wing. *

Doesn’t come up too often but if there’s a chance to land it, always take the extra damage.
j.HK > Ultra*

Yes, that combos. Can be somewhat difficult to hit confirm but if you look for it, it’s definitely possible. Use it when you know it will connect such as after jumping a fireball.

Part 6: Character Specific Strategies and Things of Note.

A note to readers: As with anyone, all people’s playstyles are different, and what works on one player does not work on others. This is simply a collection of my personal experiences and notes that may help you in beating certain trouble characters. I’m always open to suggestions from other players.


Probably one of Fei’s most difficult matches. The key hear is patience and not getting too wild on your offense. It’s much safer to poke ryu from a safe distance than to try to constantly apply pressure. You can take more risks earlier in the match before he has ultra, but afterwards, don’t do anything that could cost you game. Landing your links is especially important in this matchup, as dropping a combo could mean that you lose the match due to a DP.

Quickly reacting to fireballs with EX Chicken Wing can result in good damage. Don’t always feel the need to jump over them and try to hit Ryu, as if you get too predictable with this, you’re going to get DPed. Sometimes it’s better to just be patient, hang back, and neutral jump over fireballs. If you need to get in and work your pressure game, focus helps a great deal, and at mid range, you can try to “counter punch” ryu’s fireball pokes with Rekkas. forward+MK can be used to mid range as well to avoid Ryu’s cr.MK and punish him, as well as his cr.LP once you have some breathing room.

Overall, just don’t spam HK chicken wing in this match as you will die for it. It’s not very useful vs ryu as he spends most of his time either jumping, crouching, or throwing out lower pokes, all of which beat chicken wing. Meeting him in the air with j.HK is also useful vs turtling ryus.

One last important strategy is to work him into the corner if the ryu is being defensive and jumping back. Just have patience, walk forward and defend. Once the opponent is backed into the corner, he has no where left to run. Then it’s just a matter of not being predictable and working your offense successfully. Always be wary of his DP and PUNISH whenever you can with cl.HP combos or ultra if you have it.

Same basic strategy applies to him as Ryu in my experience, he’s just less threatening. Ken will usually be more offensive than Ryu, so use your focus and good pokes and punish him for it. Much easier than Ryu for Fei.

Chun Li

Focus is great in this fight at mid range where chun likes to use her excellent pokes. Meet her in the air with j.HK, out poke her, and get on top of her. She has very few answers to cl.MP which allows you to work your pressure game. Use it on wake up but be careful of EX spinning bird kick. Bait it and neutral jump to punish it, or block and punish with rekkas. Overall, a pretty easy fight for Fei once you learn it.

This fight is extremely difficult as first until you train yourself on what not to do. This is not an offensive match for Fei. Turtle and use your superior normals and rekkas to keep him at bay. st.HK is an AWESOME anti air for him, hits him while he’s crouching, and punishes whiffed green hands, so always have your finger on that button ready to throw it out. Never, EVER get close to geif, as fei has no real answer to the lariat. Chicken Wing just doesn’t work on him, period. Don’t use it, or else you will be punished severely. If he whiffs lariats at range, move forward and punish with HP rekkas. Try to catch him as he walks forward from a distance with rekkas.

Rekkas are important in this match as they reset momentum when they hit geif. This match is often lost once you’re in the corner, so the key is never getting there in the first place. When fighting geif you’ll usually either win flawlessly or die a horrible death to mix ups once he gets in. As long as you keep anti airing and resetting positioning with rekkas, there’s little geif can do to beat fei. Flame kick can be useful after a blocked green hand to punish, as well as anti airing him in close. EX chicken wing can be used to escape cross ups. Just don’t use it offensively. And one last thing, ALWAYS space your rekkas properly, or you can get SPDed for getting too close with them.

Also an important note, PPP Lariat’s blocked up close means a free ultra. Practice the timing in training mode, it’s extremely valuable if zangeif manages to get inside.


If you’re fighting a defensive akuma, use your fast dash speed and long distance HP rekkas to punish air fireballs and get under them. Stay on top of him and pressure pressure pressure. Once he’s in the corner, keep a careful eye out for teleports. Go for the cross up and watch closely to see if he tries to teleport. If he does, punish with rekkas. If you want more reward, simply threaten him on wake up in the corner, then back up and watch for the teleport. If he doesn’t, resume pressure. If he does teleport, simply walk up to him and cl.HP > rekkas to knock off close to 40% of his life for one mistake.

EX chicken wing can be used to counter his ground fireballs. Overall I think this is a difficult fight for akuma as long as you pressure. If the akuma decides to be aggressive, just fight him like you would Ryu or Ken. Once again, the key is to pressure and force him to take a risk with a teleport or DP and then punish him heavily for it.

You have EX chicken wing to counter fireballs and slide palms. HK chicken wing can also be used in some situations. This shuts down gouken’s main game and forces him in a bad position. Once you are on top of him, work your cl.MP pressure and be wary of counters. Keep them on their toes with throws and command grabs when they get predictable with counters. Always be ready to throw break once they have meter.

Overall, an easy fight as long as you don’t let gouken escape while you have no meter.


A somewhat difficult match at first that eventually becomes rather easy for fei. Be careful with focus here, as it can be good vs slides and dic’s single hit pokes, but can be punished with scissor kicks. Meet head stomps with jump back j.HK. If they are spamming devil reverse for meter, dash forward and meet him in mid air with j.HK. On the ground, cr.MK is your friend as it goes under a couple of his standing pokes. After a blocked scissor kick, you’re both at neutral, so use cr.LP to outspeed him and get momentum back.

HK chicken wing is very important in this fight to counter his ground pokes as well. Use it against his standing kicks at the range where he likes to use them, and against his throw attempts, and you’ll be getting tons of free damage on him. Counter poke with st.HP and cr.MP as well as cr.MK. Feel free to liberally use the cross up in this match and always keep bison on his toes. The overhead at range also keeps him from charging or spamming his low pokes, so use it more in this matchup than you would others. Punish teleport attempts on wakeup with long ranged rekkas.

One last thing is that you can just backdash to avoid stomps and then punish. It’s more difficult than meeting them in the air but is also more rewarding.


A difficult fight for anyone. The key here is to always be wary of his ball. As soon as you see it blocked, dash forward and LP rekka followed with the HP follow up to punish. It’s difficult but without it this match is much more difficult, as blanka will have no reason not to spam ball on you. cr.MK stops slow blanka balls when he goes for whiffed ball setups. cr.MK beats electricity on the ground as well as level 3 focus. Always punish his slide when you can, cr.LP rekkas is usually best since he uses it at range. Any of his other variations of the ball or ultra can be punished with your own ultra on block. Time it to start just before he lands, as blanka is open in landing recovery, but not for long. Without meter, punish with cl.HP > rekkas.

Other tips in this fight are to avoid cross ups all together and be careful on wakeup. If he uses ultra to try to chip you, you can meet it head on with your own ultra if you don’t want to eat chip damage. Anti air him with flame kick when he gets hop happy and try to stay on the ground. Jump ins don’t tend to work well vs blanka. Just make sure to apply a little pressure here and there to keep him on his toes. cr.LP is a pretty safe way of making contact with him.

Focus attack is extremely good in this fight to counter his single hit pokes and dash punches. Just don’t get predictable as he can use turn punch or the dash swing punch to break armor. Don’t fight him up close, and feel free to use the cross up on him, as he doesn’t have a lot of good answers to it. Use HK chicken wing at range on him to beat dash punches and be careful of the headbutt. Always punish quickly with rekkas or cl.HP if you’re in range. Neutral j.HK is very good too against him as it can be used to dodge dash punches and punish him. I actually believe this match is very much in favor of Fei. The overhead is also a useful tool at mid range to avoid lower pokes and keep him from sitting on a charge. Flame kick his jump ins and he’ll have little left to approach you with.

EX chicken wing wins this match. Once you’re in on him, cross up ALL day and pressure with cl.MP. Use your superior pokes and focus attack at mid range and stay on top of Guile. Once you have him in the corner, he’ll fall like a house of cards. Just be wary of reversal flash kicks. Once blocked though, it’s standard punishment city. Overall a pretty easy match once you learn the ins and outs. Rekkas can be used to close in on him at range to and counter punch the startup of sonic boom.


Focus is good in this fight at range, as well as her being extremely weak to pressure. Pay attention to her slide as it sets up a throw and beats out a lot of your pokes, on top of recovering quickly. Use EX chicken wing to close in, and once you’re on top, pressure her. You want to fight from either outside her cr.MP range or in very close where you can use cl.MP. This match is probably in Fei’s favor. Punish blocked ultra with rekkas, and drills with cr.LP rekkas. Most roses rely on throw in close so be ready to flame kick her or throw break when necessary.


You can work your pressure on him, as well as fight him at mid range outside of where he is effective. Keep an eye out for rolls and punish with a grab. If he tries to get setups off of a dash canceled heel kick, chicken wing is your answer. You out poke him and out pressure him, so just don’t slip up and let him sneak a roll in and get a grab. Don’t spam focus TOO much in this fight, as you constantly need to be able to punish rolls or anti air him. Once again, a pretty easy fight for fei as you can work your standard pressure cheese with little threat of retaliation. cl.MP, cross ups, all the shenanigans.


This matchup is similar to bison for the most part. Get in on him and work your pressure, as he doesn’t really have an answer to it. The mid range game can be tricky, but focus and st.HP / cr.MP can fight back. HK chicken wing to go through his standing pokes, and you can punished blocked wall dives with rekkas. Mainly, you just want to work him in the corner. cr.LP rekkas are also good for putting pressure on him and knocking off his equipment. Always always try to be on top of him if you can. If you get his mask / claw off, use your positioning to keep him from getting it back.
Probably Fei’s worst matchup. Very difficult to get in, TK shuts down most of your mid range game and focus, extremely high damage while taking very little. Your best bet is to approach from the ground unless you psychic jump over a fireball and punish. Once in, play it safe and be wary of Tiger Upper. Cross ups are a safe way to initiate offense and you’ll find a lot of use out of st.LP into Tenshin as Sagat has a bigger crouching hit box and your st.LP won’t miss on him crouching. Rekkas from max distance to beat out tiger shots on start up. Just try to stay mid range and beat him with pokes. cr.HP, cr.MP, cr.MK are all very useful. Punish all tiger uppers blocked as hard as you can, make every hit count. Also try to be wary of his spacing and don’t let him back up as the further he gets from you, the more you have to work to get back in. Chicken Wing is very dangerous to use here so only throw it out in situations you know it will be useful. EX chickenwing will only work if you react instantly, otherwise he can uppercut on reaction. Overhead is also useful once you get in. Good luck and don’t get hit.


You got me on this matchup, I have no idea what to do here other than try to close in with chicken wings and psychic DP his j.HP. To beat seth with fei it seems like you always have to be one step ahead of him and know what he wants. If he escapes you have to deal with his BS all the way to the other corner so you really have to be wary in this fight, as he has sooooo many options for escape.

If someone else would like to make suggestions for this fight, I’m open to them, as I don’t really have any good answers for the time being.


This match is all about the 2 P’s, patience and pressure. Getting in is tedious unless you have EX chicken wing. Focus dash, rekkas, and chicken wing can be used selectively. Jump ins are dangerous due to yoga knee but aren’t out of the question to keep them guessing. Try to jump in from a range where yoga knee won’t hit and just not throw anything out, then you should be at a range where you’re a threat. Once in just pressure as you would any other character and meet him in the air with j.HK. Look out for teleports and be ready to hit him out of the air when you can. If you’re inside, he can die pretty fast, so just don’t run into too many pokes trying to get in. Exercise patience and don’t overextend yourself in an effort to get inside.


Chicken wing helps vs her ground punches, and you can air to air her pretty effectively with j.HK. Pressure is good on her because while she does have a reversal, it does very little damage and is extremely punishable, so the risk to reward is in your favor. Focus is great in this match. Overall, you don’t have much to be scared of here. React to her flame kicks with flame kicks of your own, and just remember to block the ground pounds low. Don’t get too predictable with focus as she can lightning punch you out of them. Your mid range pokes are better than hers as well so make good use of that.

You can’t pressure too much in this fight, so just try to focus on punishing her and poking from a safe distance. Pressure in close is risky but should be used every now and then to incite a few reversals. If you block a cannon spike, dash in and punish with cl.HP. If they’re too far away, you can substitute straight rekkas to atleast get some damage and a knock down. Neutral jump.HK at range is good to avoid spiral arrows and punish. Your mid range pokes are what win this fight so just play safe and play solid.


Overall just don’t use your focus too much in this fight since his flying kicks break focus. Work your standard game, it’s pretty much like fighting a gimped shoto. The only problem is mix ups after his 3 hit flying kicks, but you can guess just as well as he can in that situation.


Punish punish punish. You can focus butt slams for good damage. Flying headbutts can be punished with rekkas. Out poke him at mid range, occasionally pressure. Turtle if you need to and punish as he approaches. Flame kick can be an answer to butt slams if they’re using them on wake up too often. Just don’t focus at mid range too much, as it’s asking to get head butted. Overhead is good in this fight but don’t use the cross up as much as you would on most charge characters, as butt slam is an easy answer to this.

El Fuerte

Focus can be used to punish his body presses and slides from the command run, as well as rekkas on block. Use your rekkas to disrupt his spacing when he’s baiting moves at range. Chicken wing escapes his mix ups on wake up as well, and neutral j.HK finds nice use in this match as well. You poke better than him, can attack from range, escape his mix ups easily, and generally do more damage than him. Once you’re used to it, Fuerte isn’t a huge threat to fei.

Focus is good in this match and flame kick finds extra use countering his offense. Bait his messiah kick and then punish any follow up with flame kick before they come out. Mid range pokes are good vs him as well and st.HK can be used to deter dive kicks when used early. j.HK to meet him in the air is also pretty effective. neutral j.HK is a good tool in this match as well since rufus doesn’t have a lot of answers to it. Just don’t get predictable as he CAN j.HK into ultra if he pre-empts it.


Stay away from fighting her in close if you can. Just use your longer ranged pokes to keep her out, focus, and anti air her jump ins. EX chicken wing counters her fireballs pretty easily. Flame kick FADC is useful for escaping pressure. If you don’t let sakura get started on her gimicks and rush, it’s not too hard of a fight.
His standing MK dominates the mid range game, and can cancel into stabby hands, meaning you can’t focus against him at mid range. That makes this fight a lot harder, but HK chicken wing can answer this. Always be ready to anti air gen, as jumping is a big part of his game. Neutral j.HK can help stop most of his approaches and once inside, pressure is pretty effective on the old man. Just be wary of his reversal, as it comes as a surprise pretty often. His wall dive can be punished by neutral j.HK or anti aired with flame kicks. Probably one of fei’s harder matchups, but definitely winnable.

Part 7: Closing Notes

In the end, winning with Fei comes down to the player. He is very capable of beating anyone in the cast. Most players don’t have any real knowledge of what Fei is capable of, so don’t fall into the talk of him being low tier. Remember that even the greatest people in history failed many times in life. If you’re defeated, get back up and keep fighting, but what’s most important is to stick with your character, keep training and practicing, and learn the ins and outs. As you become a better player and are more comfortable with Fei, you’ll start to feel better about the character and see that you can succeed with him.

I’ll end this with two quotes from the great Bruce Lee himself. They apply to street fighter a great deal. Good luck in the future with Fei and keep the fire burning! WATAAAA!

*"If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them. "

“The highest technique is to have no technique. My technique is a result of your technique; my movement is a result of your movement.
A good JKD man does not oppose force or give way completely. He is pliable as a spring; he is the complement and not the opposition to his opponent?s strength. He has no technique; he makes his opponent’s technique his technique. He has no design; he makes opportunity his design.
One should not respond to circumstance with artificial and “wooden” prearrangement. Your action should be like the immediacy of a shadow adapting to its moving object. Your task is simply to complete the other half of the oneness spontaneously.
In combat, spontaneity rules; rote performance of technique perishes.”*

Fei Long Q&A: Ask simple questions here!

Nice. It’s worth mentioning that throw countering with HK CW is pretty character specific. On shorter characters it won’t hit right away so they’ll often recover in time to block. Sagat, Abel, Balrog, Bison and Claw are the only ones I can think of who should have tall enough hitboxes.

The second lp rekka can be safe on block against a lot of characters if done from max range and it’s better to do hp rekka lp rekka than just hp rekka.


LK CW counters throws too doesn’t it? Plus it comes out fast too so they won’t have time to crouch once they whiff their throw animation. Has anybody tried doing empty cross ups and then quickly doing LK CW? Most of the time, your opponent will throw you if you do a light cross up or if you jump behind them on get up. It works…atleast when I tried it against my cousin.


I dunno about empty cross-ups, but j.MK cross-up> LK CW or j.MP> LK CW is something I do with great success when the opponent blocks the jump-in and starts predicting the BnB.

Good stuff man. It think it’s a great idea to have a short FAQ for advanced play–mine kinda runs through the more mundane basics before advanced stuff comes to light.


Definitely…nice add on, Nosone. Never really tried that. Then again, my crossovers are too predictable.


I think its worth noting the best pokes in each matchup where applicable. if you use rekkas properly, your opponent will start to throw out “money pokes” in an attempt to stuff them. ive heard more than once that footsies arent a big deal in this game, but i think fei needs them to use rekkas properly

i know is really good versus bison and chun and rog. goes right under bison and chuns RH(and cleanly beats most of chuns pokes), and stuffs all rogs rushes until he gets meter. F+Mk overhead for shotos who try to stuff you with low MK and buffer in FB’s. crouching fierce is really good versus gief, kens who step kick, rogs who stand or crouch jab mash, and in general versus all short range pokes.

only character who can really out footsie fei is gen. MK>Hands owns everything except CW


Yeah I’m gonna add a character specific section to it when I get time, there’ll be more up there later tonight or tomorrow.

As for LK chicken wing to bait throws, I usually just use the overhead or just HK CW for that. I’ll have to test to see if his jump in > HK chicken wing will counter throws.

Thanks for the additions though guys I’ll add up the useful info when I get the chance later. Just making a quick post now before I head back out.

Also yeah Gen is incredibly hard. Probably the best Gen in the US lives in my state, Jibbo. st.MK -> Hands is impossible to get around for fei. You have to turtle like a mother fucker in that match lol.


Feilong = pressure pressure pressure pressure pressure pressure pressure pressure pressure pressure pressure


Counterhit combo: (ch) rekkas.

ALWAYS use this. It’s unbelievably good.


Much respect to you Fei players. He is so hard to use.


He’s kinda like Ryu (probably more like ken) but with rekkas instead of hadoukens and a wierd command throw. People who think that sfiv Fei is hard should seriously play some ST Fei to toughen themselves up a little:nunchuck:

XSAMURAIX you should dedicate an entire post to the awesomeness that is Feis super. Daigo and Dan where using supers with Ryu during EVO and that super is shit by comparison.


do yall use some kind of trick to always pull out the 3 rekkas constently after his basic combos or are you just used to the timing? for exemple…piano the last 2 rekkas after the first one or mash any P while doing a whole bunch of circle motions etc.

Cause after the first rekka i got trouble timing the last 2 properly…more so the last 1.

Do i just need to not think about it and get used to the timing or used sum kinda trick


@bodler: You have to wait a bit before you perform the motion for the 2nd rekka - the 3rd one I just “mash” out by wiggling the dpad/stick from down to forward to down to forward and punch…

@Saint_Villainous: Great thread! Maybe you could add the importance of neutral j.HK in part 3? And why did you leave s.MK out - is it unnecessary because of s.HK?



I think Samurai covers the basics of Rekka Ken usage in his first post and how to get better or refining your inputs in his first post. (It’s what I was doing all night).

I’m not sure if I’m asking the right question but rumor has it that Fei’s Focus Attack is high priority. Would you suggest if Fei’s FA is an integral part to his game? If so, what would be the best way to use it effectively?


well actually he does speak about rekka ken but not about the timing/input problems.

im just wondering if i should stop thinking bout it that much and let it come naturally or use a trick to not mess up the timing of the inputs


Great write up

@Bodler I do the same thing when I try to think about it to much. Time the first 2 for sure and mash the 3 if it will hit.


thanks for the info. I think you missed st.MK for his normals really helps in the corner followed by st.HP


nice write up samurai


Very nice, thank you very much. It would be cool to write down the strategy against different characters too.