How to not take Akuma for granted

I recently made the jump from E. Ryu to Akuma because it seemed that he was a lot better. What I didn’t know was how much better. Literally EVERYTHING Akuma does is better than E.Ryu, from his setups to his sweep to his to his fireball game. Akuma is everything I wanted Evil Ryu to be.

So when I look on these forums and I see whining and complaining about how akuma doesn’t do enough stun, or this one setup is char specific, I get a little mad. So here is what I thought of. If YOU want your Akuma to be more solid with fundamentals and basics, try picking up Evil Ryu for a couple of weeks. I guarantee your Akuma will become much more solid.

No-one taking him for granted. We’ve spent long enough trying to learn the bloody character to take him for granted.

Yeah, I don’t think many people here are doing that. Most of the complaints are coming from issues where Capcom nerfs a character that’s already GOOD ENOUGH as it is, and yet some characters that should be hit with the nerf stick are left alone.

Basically, Akuma is supposed to be a high risk/high reward character. If that’s not “Balanced” I don’t know what is. it’s when Capcom fucks with this concept and tries to make him high risk/medium-low reward that people here get antsy…

I agree that Akuma is better than E.Ryu overall, but he’s not better in every department. E.Ryu does insane damage and stun with and without meter (he can always combo into tatsu with his standing fierce which stands your opponent up). Also If I’m not mistaken E.Ryu’s normal fireballs are like normal Ryu’s (13f startup), I’d say that’s better than Akuma’s 14f fireball even if Akuma recovers a frame faster.

E.Ryu also has his FADC combos into ultra and from what I heard so far most of his normals have a good amount of active frames, Akuma is inferior in this department too.

Akuma’s Demon Flip alone outweights all that. Akuma Vortex 1 - 0 E.Ryu

-E ryu’s fireball game is worse than akuma’s due to air fireballs
-Akuma gets much greater setups and good damage off of fast, active and positive on block pokes. E ryu gets great damage from very slow pokes with long range. Akuma is greater there

I would take setups that can finish games over combos that you get once or twice that do big damage.

Well it’s not like metallica was suggesting they are equally strong tbh. We all know who’s the best one, but he was just pointing out that he has some strenghts too.

For example, just take a look at his frame data, he has tons of active frames, which Akuma lacks - the 6 frames active st.LK or the 4 frame active far MP help quite a lot against Yun. The OP said Akuma’s fireball game is better, well that’s because of the air fireball, but speaking of ground fireball game Evil Ryu has the edge since he’s the better hados (-1 startup). His dashes should also be better than Akuma’s, at least the back one, and his meterless damage output has got to be the strongest in the game, which is cool.

Evil Ryu is not meant to be played like Akuma, he is meant to be played like Ryu.

If you try to play him like Akuma you will find that he sucks. If you try to play him like Ryu you will find he has alot of cool stuff.

Fishing for buffered EX Hado from c.MK into ultra 2…

works everytime

I’d like to add,
Don’t take Akuma for granted, Compare his DF options to Goukens.

Next you’ll have to point out that Ken doesn’t play like Ryu.

Now, Akuma and Ryu are both overall better than Evil Ryu (as Akuma is better than Oni from what I’ve seen so far) as far as tiers go for sure.

That said, E. Ryu isn’t trash. He is a nice hybrid of Ryu and Akuma. Evil Ryu has solid meterless damage, Akuma’s bread and butter, Ryu’s easy access to ultras…not to mention, he doesn’t have the garbage health that Akuma has (EDIT: Fail, yes he does) and has better ground fireballs. Plus, he has the cool bonus points of having the best looking Focus attack in the game! =D

Is he a bit of the poor man’s Akuma? Of course he is. I mean, you can’t expect him to get all of the best of Gouki and Ryu. He’d put the twins to shame. Evil Ryu with more speed and the ability to vortex? You’d make Ryu and Gouki practically obsolete.

Still a good character. He isn’t Hakan.

He’s got the same horrible 850 health/stun Akuma has :S

Haven’t checked his speed, but I don’t remember him being slow, and he’s got nice dashes.

Wait… I thought PongBoom’s main was Hakan?.. o_O

I remember seeing he had 950. I guess I am mistaken. Sorry.

Thank You! I’m well aware about Akuma’s tools and he has many that are better than E.Ryu’s, but saying that Akuma is better than E.Ryu in every single thing is simply wrong.

Im flattered you remembered that, but playing Hakan eventually just feels like smashing your head into a brick wall over and over again. I decided I’m going shoto.

Too bad… I thought your Hakan was really good. Not that I disagree with your new resolve! :wink:

I’m not one to bitch, but I do think Akuma’s needs more hitstun. Although it has a cleaner hitbox, reaches less far than Ryu’s. That wouldn’t be something to complain about, except for the fact that along with it’s inferior range it ALSO doesn’t combo into fireball reliably. So you get less range AND it cannot combo into anything from that range.

Only reason I’m complaining about it is because of the limited options Akuma has against crouching characters. Ryu’s can always sweep from a cr.lp/mp for the untechable knockdown. They nerfed everything Akuma could do against crouching opponents (ex tatsu)

Its not that we take him for granted, its just Capcom took him from OP, to great, to good, to meh over the course of the SFIV installments

If I hear one more Gouken cry about their character compared to Akuma, Im gonna flip a bitch