How to open players up with Vergil



As of right now my team is Vergil/Doom/Wesker and I am having the hardest time trying to open people up… Any tips?


I don’t know what assists you’re playing, but for that team i think plasma beam? If so: call doom, teleport. If not: switch to plasma beam. ^^ besides that, vergil is an awesome footsie character. Pushblock the opponents strings properly to bait whiffed moves and punish them with one of his huge ranged normals into touch of death combo. He is no magneto who stays in your face and opens you up with high/low/throw mixups all day, but he is a great space controller and benefits from opponents trying to approach you recklessly.


Okay, I was using plasma beam but switched to hidden missiles.


This doesn’t really work on players that don’t approach recklessly and who actually stagger their blockstrings on people that pushblock. Any tips for fighting people that do this?


You don’t want people closing the gap on you really in this game any ways. If you do block something unless they have a command grab just wait it out and then push block if they string is obvious. Don’t always try to push block on the second thing you block cuz if they stagger you’re getting blown up.

Vergil has the ranged game to keep people from coming in and has a lot of strings that are difficult to deal with even with XF guard cancelling.


That’s more a player issue then a character issue. The tactic is still solid against those that stagger strings, just really cr. L’s are the only thing that I find too scary to pushblock unless they are predictable.

Also remember in front teleport is viable, if they ever block your crossup doom beam you have just begun a mindgame that will forever net you easy damage. Not sure how doom beam prorates though but with EM disruptor 1 tele mixup leads to a million for -1.1 meters.

Also RoundTrip if they pushblock this move ever you should probably get damage. Remember waiting for roundtrip so that it almost completely passes through them will let you crossup teleport letting them leave blockstun for just a moment will net an unseeable crossup that is really safe. You can also mixup assist calls to change which way the crossup actually hits but the situation is visually identical making some severe mind fucking.

Vergil’s teleport mixups are so broke.


Option 1) I would heavily stress learning air hit confirms.
Vergil’s ground game is pretty insane, but I’ve had some trouble dealing with characters that can spend a lot of time in the air like Trish.
Air MHS can lead to a decent combo, or you can do Air MH xx Helm Breaker, to High Time XFC and just TOD them (You can do about 1.1 mil with lvl 1 X-factor). By the way, another way I’ve found to stop people from flying around too much is using round trip to teleport up. As the sword is returning, it’ll hit them from below.

Option 2) Rapid slash and cancel to spiral swords or devil trigger.

Option 3) Wave dash in and try for a hit-confirm. He has a really great wave dash.

Option 4) Teleport above to ambiguous cross-up. It works with moves that push the opponent forward a bit. You can use round trip, or an assist like captain america’s shield slash which brings the opponent back a little bit when the shield is returning. Just teleport above, and go for air H or helm breaker. I’ve had moderate success with it crossing up. If they push block, you’ll end up on the same side, with a relatively safe attempt.

Option 5) Like others have said, projectile assist + teleport back is a great way to get in.

Option 6) Punishing unsafe strings/moves with L. I also have this habit of always charging round trip with L, and for a while I was opening myself up by trying to punish my opponent with L, and watching Vergil gear up to release the round trip. Just make sure you get used to releasing the charge while you’re in block stun so that you can safely throw out an L.

Option 7) Have meter to spare? Activate Spiral Swords and get in that ass. If you have 2 meters, activate the crown of swords :).

Option 8) If you’re using Wesker, see if you can go for an unblockable high-low set up. Or at least make it very difficult to block.


I know it probably wont have the same level of effectiveness, but would using She-Hulks clothesline assist give me the same basic result?


Opening people up with Vergil on the ground shouldnt be a problem as long as youre not being predictable about it. Besides the obvious teleport and Rapid slash mixups he has a very fast cL and, much like Dante’s, Stinger is an excellent poke. It gets even better when youre in Devil trigger, since Vergil can whiff normals into specials when devil triggered you can actually fake a stinger into something like a Teleport or a Rapid Slash.


what do you guys do when, the opp is expecting a string into teleport crossup mixups and just holds up to avoid the proyectile?


air grab.
What’s the best way to setup the wesker unblockable? roundtrip, call wesker, H teleport, jH?
Do you need to be fairly close to the opponent so that wesker’s assist will tag their feet?


Wesker’s gun actually has some pretty ridiculous range on that down forward shot. You should be okay doing it at like s.B range or further.


I always use option 7. lol This also happens to be my main team


press any button you feel like. that’s all you need to open people up with this damn character


sounds like a personal problem


Just do it.