How to open up block with Firebrand?



Got any tricks to give Firebrand meaningful mixup? I mostly rely on runaway slidekicks to catch people off guard or random j.dHP with space surging people into tornados.


Get into the habit of dash up medium and utilize his flying.


By “dash up medium” do you mean his F+LP command normal?


FB actually has some sick 50/50’s both real and inconsistent. I find that the easiest one is using the jump qcb.HP command flight. You basically have 3 options from there: a.HK which catches people off guard cause of the height it can hit from, a.LP which is basically an instant overhead, and finally you can choose to land and immediately cr.LK. I def think the command flight into cr.LK is one of his best tools, especially after a bit of conditioning. I especially like the land cr.LK option after you’ve used a beam or lockdown super on your partner.

qcb.HP flight can also go behind them depending on the angle and that allows for some interesting crossups (though these are inconsistent.) I find Divekick (down+HK in air) is a good follow up when that happens. You can also occasionally cheese with his dp.LP by holding HP to end up behind them afterwards.

Also more in the vein of partner shenanigans. It’s really helpful to play him with someone who has an instant overhead. Slide kick is great and all, but it’s very punishable, and doesn’t always catch an opponent when you think it might, so I’ve found that slide kick tag, instant overhead really catches people off guard. It gets even sweeter if they can combo off the instant overhead.


So monhun would be good to partner with tiger knee 214LP