How to orb w\out being countered

Just a small observation I thought I’d share.

Striders orbs do not have a set pattern. Depending on how you wave orb, and cancel into orbs affects your guranteed teleport onto point or them gc-ing out or calling assist to get strider off them. Even certain moves cause different orb rotations. If your a serious s\d player you noticed sometimes that you think you got them but they get out magically. Even if your close they managed to get out still. This is because of the oroborus pattern and wave orbs. The lp during orbs is different than fp during orbs. Go ahead and do constant activation with lp and watch the pattern for start\middle\end. It changes. From I’ve tested theres only a few set patterns but they all randomly fall behind one another. try the same thing with constant fp.

theres 4 types of orbs. hi\mid\lo and the ones that get stuck together. During the lp version youll get hi\lo series longer than you normally would. This is the one that can be countered. If they duck, the lo rings arent fast enough to cause continous block stun. Even though the opp is blocking they can still call their assist out. However the mid\lo series does cause continious block stun and makes it so they cant call their assist. The mid lo series is the one you want to teleport right after if you need or want too. You wont be peppered out and youll get your free teleport onto point.

The ideal ring rotation you want is what I call triangles. Which are hi\mid\low or low\mid\high rings back to back. The mid\low is what you really want but the triangle rings always rotate patterns so the highs will come out. I havent figured out all of it yet but its possible to get hi\mid\low\low\mid\high repeat. It makes a V pattern on the screen and its unescapeable. Even constant mid\low is possible. If you notice that you just threw out a triangle you may want to teleport but be judgemental about it. Dont just teleport just because.

if they try to puhs block before your teleport to slide strider back. The triangle orbs are still there. It gives you enough time to get back on them even if they pushed blocked. Depending on where you are you would have to wave orb. If I’m further out than the assist will hit I just fp wave orb teleport cancel. You really have to pay attention which orbs are there and how long do you think theyll last for. usually a double triangle riing pattern gives you enough time to hunt the point back down after a push block regardless of where strider is at.

I also think that wave orbs dont have a set pattern either. This is my guess on why you could get 2-3 stuck together. Ive even seen 2 sets of 3 rings stuck together back to back. Looks like a straight line of rings. However the first wave orb off activation is probably the only set pattern I’ve noticed. Its tough to test which type of wave orbs goes the fastest but my guess is that the middle ones travel the fastest during wave orbs. This is just from personal exp because its the only team I play. I always see high and low ones and nothing seems to come out faster than the mid wave orb.

If you watch clock\kai or eddie they mostly do the lp version. This is because the fp version can be countered against some characters. However if you get a setup behind doom that gives you a free activate and the s.fp is still free go ahead and take it. You may be close enough to where if you had a shitty orb rotation they can pepper you with something cheap like capcom assist. After s.fp wave orb for a second then cancel that s.fp with a teleport if needed. You get to wave orb up to you teleport cancel frames. Your guranteed a mid\lo series about 80% of the time from the fp version. When you do s.fp the machines that actually throw the projecitles circle him longer before he comes out of animation frames. This is why you get more mid rings than the lp version. During lp version you can constantly mash and certain rythms cause certain orb rotations. The lp version has more of a rythm to it and if you slow it down throw a mid one earlier you could give the opp time to get out.

Its not always a good Idea to teleport right after you activate. It leads to easy hits on strider and people like cable or storm to name a few can super him off an assist. make sure you get the right orbs on the screen before you get in. That way your setup is guranteed. theres still alpha counter against it bust just block and when your in block throw some rings back.

I havent been countered out of my orb since I seen noticed this. I dont mean alpha countered. Just normal point counter or assist counter.

I forgot to mention some things.

This is still experimental. Even though I know how it works I dont know everything about it. Some of it could be wrong but I still know how to use this effectively. If something looks fucked up go ahead and mention it. Im still trying to figure this out myself.

The lp orb version:
I forgot to type why it does hi\lo. You cant throw the orbs everytime you want. After you throw one ring it has a set time before it can allow another to get out. This doesnt apply to wave orbs for some reason. This time gap oddly enough conicides with the jab. So when you jab, theres a set time before you throw another one and the machines roll to the same spot. Thus causing it to throw the same pattern back to back to back if you dont switch your rythm.

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after fucking around with this for a few more weeks what I orginally posted was only half right.

theres more types of orbs than I posted. Im guessing theres at least 10 types of orbs which means more orb patterns. There could be more You can litterally throw these at all angles during oroborus. controlling them the right way keeps strider on point and stops scrubby people from mashing assist.

a lot of these “random assists” really come from trying to trap magneto or especially storm. high rings miss them ducking, giving enough time for an AA or an escape attempt. dont really have to worry about ring patterns with cable/sent, pretty much anything you throw at them keeps them in place. i think it might be possible to get a pattern of only useful rings, since the orbs begin at the same position and rotate around strider the same way every time. something to work on . ive never really liked using fp because of the lag on the move. jab recovers so much faster and allows to improvise.

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“random assist” doest not come from trapping mag or storm. If strider throw a hi\lo pattern any character can call an assist. With the exception of sentinel, you must throw the right ring patterns in order to get a FREE teleport onto assist.

yes jab recovers faster but you get more hi\lo orbs this way. If you get pushed blocked, your going to have to throw more orbs to lock down the character. If the tme is going down (during orbs) and your doing jab orbs your letting yourself make an easy mistake by throwing hi\lo patterns. Jab WILL give you mids sometimes. If you teleport as the clock orb time goes down you COULD of thrown a hi\lo pattern and strider is now dead.

This is why I suggested fp. More mid\lo than lp version and you get that pattern almost immediately. You dont let the lag set in. you fp for mid\lo and half way through it you cancel into teleport. You get more mid rings this way and you get to trap the opponent faster. They eat the mid\lo series so they cant call there helper at all.