How to overcome a slump?

Lately I have been playing really really really bad/retarded/stupid/whatever. Like missing easy punishes, not punishing properly after a parry, and sometimes I just sit there and take hits, reacting way slow to everything, like my heads not in the game. Any tips for getting back on track, I know for a fact I can play alot better than this…

play bad players and rebuild your confidence.

use a different character for a while. one you’re not familiar with. starting from crap and building to slightly better than crap is fast and easy once you’re decent at the game.

you’ll learn more about the character, about the game overall, and feel better about yourself. it’s also a good break and for some people taking a break and coming back improves their game a lot. often cause you have a fresh mind and can approach the same ‘problems’ with new or alternative solutions.

If you’ve been playing nonstop lately, odds are you tired yourself out. Take a little break, like a day or two, and clear your head some. People play better when they’re not tensed up(unless you’re Deshiken, you clutch the shit out of your opponents).

Switch your game up. aku makes a very strong point about tiring oneself out. It’s happened to me tons of times. Things may feel stale, so give them time to air out. Play a different character. Take time away from the game.

One thing that may help you is to remember to have fun while you’re playing, which is one of the reasons you should be playing in the first place. Your stuff isn’t coming out and it’s frustrating, meaning you aren’t having any fun. Remember why you play the game and why you enjoy it, and you’ll relax into your old pace soon enough.

Yeah, I’ll agree on that “getting tired of the game” Thing is, the longer you’ll play under this mentality, the worse it’ll get. Say you just lost a rough match with a good player and you’re feeling a little sour for that, then you’ll look up another game and some sf4 player beats you with wakeup uppercuts with ken and other shit you’re not supposed to be eating and losing because of, your confidence will lower even more untill the point you’re getting legitimetly angry and feeling frustrated, eg. not having any fun. That’s when you turn the game off, make your favorite food, pop in Dark Souls or something and relax, let your mind reset and forget about the lossess for a day or two and then try again, refreshed.

What yomipower says is totally true. The sourness happened to me when a player called TheLegendarySam beasted on me with his Oro. Mirror match, and he was clearly the more skilled/technical player, what with all the yagyou-dama setups and consistent chicken combos, resets, and unblockables. Fuck.

I played for many hours after those matches and kept losing. I even started losing to people I’d never lose to. And THEN the online crapped out on me, providing several laggy matches even on yellow connections. Haven’t played since last week when all this shit happened. :frowning:

But I am sure when I start playing again I will be playing smart and enjoying the matches. When you’re mentally exhausted you won’t get the delight in trying to outsmart and outplay your opponent through mixups and mind games. Auto-pilot in 3S equals death, so be sure to never get to the point where you are too tired to thoughtfully adapt to every opponent you play.

people getting tired of 3rd strike?


damn, how can people get mad or upset by losing to someone who is clearly better? I love playing people who are better than me.

I meant “get tired from”. When you play consecutive long sessions, eventually you’re gonna drain yourself and stuff like execution and reactions are gonna suffer as a result. It happens to everybody in any game, especially in tournament environments.

This has happened to me back when I used to play very long sessions of 3S in Japan. Coffee and cigs would help me relax inbetween games(this could explain why a lot of 3S players smoke, heh), but eventually I’m just gonna get tired so I go home or relax and play another game(which is most likely DDR because I’m stupid like that lol).

The best personal experience I can give is when I was hooked on Ridge Racer 4. I used to play for hours at a time, but eventually I would get exhausted to the point where I couldn’t even drift anymore and ass out in simple stages. I stop playing and the next day I beast again.

yea i was just joking. living in america now, I cant get tired of 3rd strike even if i wanted to. :frowning:

Just FYI, TheLegendarySam is fairly easy to beat. Most of the time, he does wake-up parry. Throw him twice, and then after the second knockdown, he’ll hit a button that you can probably low-parry into easy punish. Just try not to play into his rhythm. Often times, he’ll just use Oro’s good normals to keep you from dashing in. Punish accordingly.

I wasn’t necessarily upset at the gap in skill level; his execution just made me jealous lol. I respect good Oro execution since I know how hard it can be, and he had really good control over his chicken combos.

I was more upset at the gimmicks I kept falling for due to inexperience vs decent oro players, like meaty air chicken (I kept trying to parry). Mirror matches just take a lot of time to get used to, especially since oro is kind of rare to fight. Honestly though, I think it was just time for me to take a break when I played him that day. I dropped tengu stones, messed up punishes here and there, and fell for resets that are easy to block.

The chicken combos are one thing, but don’t allow yourself to get caught by him. Remember, his first instinct is to parry.

thanks for the tips guys, used makoto tonight on the cab, and I was playing much better, but yeah I will take a break

yo, every time I’m on OE I come across a huge amount of wake up parry happy peeps

It’s amazing the difference a fraction of a second in doing anything can make. :slight_smile:

just stop playing for a few days and go back to it

I actually suck now. Haven’t played seriously in over a month. . gonna try to have a nice session this weekend but it’s annoying when I know how bad I suck now compared to how I played before.The thing is that I know that if I just practice then I can get back into shape, but It’s something I can’t really invest into anymore. Getting old sucks :(. Maybe I can just coach kids like the 3S YMCA.

Thanks for the tips, Duralath. Next time I play him I’ll keep that in mind.

When I came back from my several month break I improved a lot somehow. I think over time I internalized 3S and forgot all the noobish muscle memory and habits I had developed since first starting this game last June. But if you were already pretty good I can see how it would suck not being able to do your stuff as well as before. But who knows? A month isn’t that long.

This thread made me realize something last night when I was playing for several hours: I start getting frustrated after a while when getting beat, but it actually has nothing to do with the other player. It is because I am mad at myself for not playing as good as I know I can. Missing punishes and throws, dropping combos, etc. What makes it worse is that if I was playing up to snuff, I know I would have learned something from trying my best to beat someone who is better than me. So I get mad at myself for not taking full advantage of the opportunity due to mental exhaustion.

The answer of course is just to take it easy a few matches by picking Akuma or to take a break, as is the consensus in this thread. And, to be conscious of your stamina. If you start losing for dumb reasons that is probably the reason.

A month can make a difference. I mean look at me, I don’t play 3S for a month and I can barely do any Urien unblockables. I do need to get my brain warmed up after a while and I’ll eventually get my groove back, but it can get very disheartening initially. :frowning: