How to own with Fei!



Hey guys

I create this topic to know some things. In fact, yall know that we play an underpicked character without pro players videos, so, the best way to improve is to share EACH informations/tips/glitches/etc… we discover and discuss about it with others.

The best way to improve, is to help each other and not to play in our home sweet home without share anything.
That’s why i link my and starnab’s matches during our tournaments, watch your own matches plus make others players watch it is a vergy good way to see your mistakes and to get suggestions by others players.

During a match, you obviously have to see by yourself your mistakes and do not do it again, but there is many others parameters that make it quite difficult (the noise, the stress, etc…). For more, when you watch yourself playing, it’s very easy to see where you sucked on and to tell yourself “shit, why i did it ?!”

Starnab made many things for that, he created a channel and a matchup thread for each character. Those two things are very good for our improvement :

  • The channel permit to see how to play differents matchup (what is wrong / what is good) and discuss directly with him. In fact he’s imo the most experienced fei player there.

  • Matchup threads should be godlike : you can post EVERY THING that disturb you in ANY match up, it can be very simple or more complicated, we don’t care, sometimes, it’s good to discuss about basics.

Finally, i wrote this to encourage you to :

  • Give your opinion in each videos linked by players, i swear you that receive critics is veeery positive for our improvement, we can discuss about it etc… example : my match vs lorddvd : kobrakun ask me why i didn’t punished lp headbutt and i told him it can be punish only when you stand block. If he didn’t ask me that he will probably continue to ignore his blocking stance versus honda !

  • Try to link your own matches videos and don’t be afraid to receive critics, EVERYBODY makes mistakes and, again, it’s imo one of the best way to improve

  • When you encounters troubles against a character : Tell it on the match up thread ! that’s the goal of those threads so use it. Same thing when you asking yourself some stuff or when you think discovering something

If you have things to add or whatever, just post reply.

Thanks for reading


Hello to everyone, i’m new here (but lurking since a while, hehe)
I’m a Fei PC, keyboard player. Thank you so much for sharing so much knowledge about my favourite char :china: :nunchuck:

Hereby some results of all your taughts:

Feilong vs Claw

Feilong vs Akuma

Feilong vs Dictator

Feilong vs Ken

Awaiting for your comments, don’t hold back lol

PS, I just learned how to focus cancel into a special/super/ultra, you may not see that in these videos cause they’re a bit old :shy:


Doesn’t Justin Wong count? I’ve been learning Fei off those videos.


From a few of your matches, when you start on your c.lp’s, try to cancel them into reccas. More damage than three jabs, and gets the matches momentum in your favor. Not every time, but after your opponent blocks your CW, throw. It’ll be teched, but at times they wont, and its a nice little thing that’s been working for me.

And on the second round vs Dictator you smashed teh fuck outta him. He’s a hard matchup for me.

I’ll get some of my videos on here soon. Though they’re dated by months and I’ve improved greatly since then.


Thanks :slight_smile: I love the combo I managed at 0.45" in the Bison match, as you could see it started with a throw after a blocked chicken :slight_smile: