How to parry Ibuki's SA1, Remy's SA1 and Oro's SA2

How are you supposed to parry the hits? Unlike parry other supers, I used rhythm, but from the looks of it, you almost have to mash forward.

Yeah, that’s basically it.

The best way I can describe it is, ok…

Regular parry would be like tap tap tap tap tap, those supers are like taptaptaptaptaptaptaptap.

Hope that helps :looney:.

I parried ibuki’s SA1 in a fight yesterday for the first time ever in a fight without ever practicing before. mash forward, seriously

Parrying the first kunai is the only hard part. Once you get the first kunai just mash on the rest. Remy’s SA1 has a bit of a timing to it but it’s more or less mashing in parts.

Oro’s SA2. If you mean the regular fireball super (non the huge EX one) then just tap forward at about a rate slightly slower than it would be to parry down a shinkuu hadoken. It’s 4 slow parries. The big EX fireball is nothing more than just mashing after the first parry.

12, ibuki tap crazy
remy …tap tap , tap tap , tap tap …
oro is same for fireball supers …

If Ibuki starts mashing the last part it will be very hard to get the whole parry down. Never seen anyone parry the last hits of that super when its mashed.

parrying ibukis super isnt so bad once you get the rhythm. Its the same speed you would use to dash with. and parrying oros firball is pointless you will most likely get hit by some other shit, i guess it saves some damage though. Remys also has its own unique rhythm.

Only time I would recommend parrying Oro’s SA2 is if you get caught in a corner reset or during an unblockable setup.

You haven’t played against enough competition if you’ve never seen a fully mashed SA1 parried down. My bro and MOD can do it pretty consistantly now. Sometimes if you don’t mash it can throw off their timing but a fully mashed SA1 should be the easiest to parry down really.

Yeah I was actually referring to Oro’s SA2 EX’ed.

Akuma’s KKZ is a mash parry, too (but you have to red-parry first). Luckily, if you fuck it up, it won’t knock you down, and you can totally punish Akuma, who’ll just be chillin’ there like an idiot.