How to Parry ruys SA1


Ruys super move, the first one i think, i can parry the first hit and sometimes only the 2nd (with analogue) but i cant parry the whole thing, can someone tell me how ?

thank you.

nOTE : I posted few months back about parrying, i still havent gotten better, whats red parry? also ive seen few tutorials, Thongboy bebops being the best, but none on parrying, someone should really make one ! i cant see how theyd go about making one since i find parrying impossible, i can only parry fireballs and sometimes, flying kicks.

anyone ?

The timing for the whole thing is the same, you simply have to learn the rhythm and stick it in your noggin. Set the AI to auto-parry and sling some Ryu SA1s at it, then just listen to how it’s supposed to go when done right. That’s helped me through some of the crazier ones.

N - Thanks, yo.

Thongboy’s right. Also, while listening, follow the auto-parries with the stick as if you where parrying

Yea, that’s what i do…it’s very very useful, helps with your timing too.

"Ruys super move, the first one i think, i can parry the first hit and sometimes only the 2nd (with analogue) but i cant parry the whole thing, can someone tell me how ? "

i guess there is no such thing as a stupid question

parrying has a rhythm to it

what is with the red parrying anyway?

red parry is when you block a combo then parry it like say ryu’s sa1 you block the first hits then parry the last one you’ll glow red and you’ll get the life the blocked sa1 took back, or say i’m playing yun and i do a lp lk mp combo, if you block the lp lk then parry the mp thats a red parry

true_tech: it really gives back the chipped health?


I think he might’ve worded that wrong, I’ve never seen personally or seen it mentioned that red parry recovers health…

it recovers the hit before, yes, so you get a pixel or somethin back?

Don’t think so. Even if I do parry-block-parry against Sean’s Tornado kick, I still lose my perfect.

That sounds more like JD’ing in CvS2.

Red parrying does not recover health. If you watch the TOSF parry exhibition, particularly in the long red parry demonstrations like Chun’s SA1, Akuma loses health gradually after every block + red parry.

Yo Vince how r u ?

I can 90% of the time parry ryu’s SA1, but I find I very rarely attempt it in game, personally I think your better spending time learning to parry characters specials (incase of ryu fb, dp, hk) opening your op up for a combo.

The rest of you guys do you attempt to parry supers in game?

whats up everyone.
parrying sa1 doesnt really lead to anything. the only reason i can think of why you should be doing it is for super bar charging or to prevent your ko (some may do sa for chip damage). saying that tho it is quite easy to parry if you should need to.
this runs on the same lines of the parry chuns sa2 thread. there is no need to parry this but the last kick, then combo away! :tup:

Parry the last kick, damn why didn’t I think of that, I usually block the whole combo, parrying the last kick leave chuns in your face, open to a larger range of combos, thanks for the tip

Parry the last hit of fireball supers as well. Even if you miss, you still recover faster than if you had blocked, and it’s usually a free Super opening for you. Remember, though, that Ryu’s is 5 hit but Akuma’s is 6 hit.

I parry for fun :smiley: Usually when I’m playing these days, I play to win, yes, but I’ll take a loss if I get a chance to parry a super. It’s the only way you’ll learn, right?

However, if I was playing to win completely, I’d just block supers rather than going for the parry (i.e. if I know someone will super me on wakeup, I’ll always go for the parry unless I really wanted to win).

You tend to surprise yourself though when you parry supers :smiley:

I recommend focusing more on parrying Ryu’s SA3. There are many setups that force you to parry the stun-fireball with enough charge to dizzy you if you fail. Ryu’s SA3 seems to be less common than the other two because most people can parry it, but if you can’t then you’re at a large disadvantage since it’s unblockable.