How to perform unblockables on yun/yang/hugo

it seems that oro can’t do chicken combos on them :confused: .

as for hugo , he have to do the projectile-juggle loop --> sa3

but what about yun and yang , his worse match up definitely .

check this : [media=youtube]wDuf5IS8WxQ[/media]

it seem he did 1 chicken combo loop on yun .

Oro can do the chicken combo on them, but only off of an early parry of an “aerial” attack. The timing is pretty specific and you can’t count on getting it often in matches.

Check this out: [media=youtube]bYVNwnNBKzs[/media]

You can also start it by parrying an early dive kick.

so i assume that the only easiest way would be close. strong(2hit) and then close strong(1hit) XX super bulb ?

There’s that, and you might be able to get something going via

-close MP (1 hit), MK chicken, MP uppercut cancelled to SAII.

I don’t really use SAII that often so I don’t have much on this. I’d advise Tengu for Yun/Yang.

i don’t think that work , because juggle limit ended after the mp uppercut . so yang/yun will tech .

the only way it works is if it’s an EX uppercut.