How to pick and dedicate yourself to a character?


God knows I’ve been having this issue across multiple fighting games since I got into them back in the early 2000s, I’ve become quite adept at Street Fighter 4 and it’s ins and outs, execution and the terminology used for the game itself. But there’s one issue I’ve always had with it, and that’s choosing a character and sticking with them. Now I love Cody, and I’ve used him since Super released…but I’ve only ever played him for about a week straight before just using somebody else, I’ve been through the entire cast bar Honda and Dhalsim and can’t seem to figure out who I need to invest my time into to learn advanced things like safe jumps, option selects and whatnot. As I seem to just lose all sense of fun with a character after about 4/5 days of playing them now. And it’s not that I lose matches with them, they just feel dull after a while I guess.

Anybody have advice on how to maintain a level of entertainment AND progression with a character? I get this game isn’t supposed to be a cakewalk, but I imagine most people still find it entertaining whilst playing their main at the least.


You could always main Mokujin hit random


there isn’t some big secret to sticking to a main character. most people just make a choice the same way you would choose what to eat for dinner. if you find yourself getting bored easily maybe SF isn’t the game for you?


Fun fact, that’s who I play in Tekken, hehe.

Who eats the same thing for dinner every day? Sounds boring.
I love the game, I can definitely say I enjoy fighting games in general and SF is my personal favourite but I find maintaining a balance of personal enjoyment and educating myself with that character rather…difficult? I guess.


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