How to plan events around Evo (eg Cirque du Soleil)


I’m doing a road trip to Vegas for EVO. I’ll be there the 5th through the 10th. During EVO, what is the schedule like? I want to get tickets to Cirque du Soleil and other stuff, but I don’t want to mess up being in EVO. I’ve looked and it seems there isn’t a lot of information about exactly how the thing will go down, but it is also very likely I just missed it. Where do I show up, when? I assume they give me a time I have to be back for my round in the tournament? I assume I don’t have a choice in the time? What is the minimum and maximum times? Eg, is it between 9am to 9pm, or?

Apologies if this information was readily available and I failed to find it.


Usually they don’t have the schedule put together until the week of. Same for Pool assignments. Usually after registration closes they have a good idea of how many people enter and make a schedule based off of the numbers of entrants for each event. Since people enter multiple games pools need to be made to minimize conflicts. I think they assign pools time slots and stations about a week before evo starts so you should know ahead of time where to start.

Pretty much for the tournament, you want to keep Friday, Sat, Sun open for EVO, and then do everything else you want on another day. I think that they have early ass pools that start at 8am, and some that end around 10pm, but after you have been assigned your pools you will now where you start at the day, and if you keep winning, you will be told when and where your second pool will be run.


Uhg. Thanks. Looks like my Cirque du Soleil show runs Tuesday-Saturday, so Saturday night @ 9:30pm is probably my best bet. I’m liking to lose twice right away anyway! :wink: I might just chance it and be late or miss my show.


I need some info on this as well.
There’s a Rancid show (my favorite band ever and they won’t come to Brazil so this is the only chance) on Jul 7, on Silverado, CA.

So basically I need to know:
-How far is this from Vegas (need to come back on July 7 after theshow is done)
-Are there any taxis or something, for us to go back to Vegas after the show
-At what time does the finals start on July 8 on EVO (in case we don’t manage to come back on 7 and have to wait until July 8 on the morning to come back)

Please help me, going to a Rancid show is a dream of mine, as much as is EVO. :slight_smile:


Silverado is at least 4-6 hrs away, since its around Orange County (at least based on info you give us). The main issues is that its alomst impossible for you to get there without driving.

If everything turns out right for you, then in theory, you can immidately drive back from teh concert straight to Vegas, here’s a google map of where it is at…,0,18092375730414363410&ei=GjTmT7iyMsXk2wXV2u3aCQ&ved=0CKABEPwSMAA

Plan according is all I can say, because you’re kinda stuck between 2 places (the concert and EVO)


Wait until the pool times are put up for EVO. You can plan your fun around that usually.