How to play as a shoto




Simple problem. I do not know how to play as Akuma or any shoto for that matter.

How do you even get in with him? Apart from jumping.

Now, with his pokes like the hit confirm, cr.lp, or cr.lp, cr.lp when can you even use it? the range is terrible. even if that’s not a option then what do i use? for anything longer than that what can i do?? I don’t want to use standing roundhouse all the time. It’s like I can never get in on the ground, only land sweeps.

I mean, ive seen airs guide to ryu and tokidos guide but that’s not really helping me, simply, get in and do damage, I can do a few flashy combos but can never use them.

What im basically asking for, is using normals on the ground, how to get in, what to use at what range, and what to combo, what should be a B&B jump in, what should be a B&B ground combo, what should I do when there is a stuffed crossup and we end up right next to eachother but dont throw.

Is any of his specials safe on block? after a few pokes? im guessing only haduken.

Thank you.


Dude let me answer you questions for you

How do you get into your house when you get home? YOU WALK
How do you poke a dead battery? YOU GET IN VERY CLOSE AND POKE
How do you use get your house floor clean? YOU SWEEP AT MAX RANGE

Sound to me you are afraid of getting into your opponent attacking space. dont worry you will get used to it someday


You walk into your opponents space and try and hit him. Very basic.

You need to find your best normals, and hit him with yours without letting him hit you. If he throws fireballs, throw some back, neutral jump or focus. You just need to stay on the ground and poke. Then knock himdown to begin mixups. Huzzah!


Mash Dp


cr. forward to fireball… shoryuken on wakeup …simple…watch daigo and do what he does


Very strange question you got here.
Footsies, you know this ?
You got the faster char in this game with his walk speed forward and backward, you got a nice sweep and cr forward. A badass Focus attack. More than enough to bait the opponent to throw a move and make it whiff + punish. Soon he’ll throw that move or you gona pressure him till you kill him or throw him anyway. At the very end of this tactics if it’s a real turtle, he’s gona crouch tech, you know it, and there’s a solution to bait crouch techs too.