How to play as Abigail?


Please help! My son loves fighting games. He is on the autism spectrum, so he doesn’t quite understand why he can’t just be all the characters in a game right away. We bought him Street Fighter V for his birthday because it came with a code to unlock both season 1 & 2. Well the code worked just fine. All the characters show up on the character select screen in arcade mode now. However, most of the characters are “unavailable”. He really wants to play as Abigail. It makes it even more frustrating now that he can see the picture but can’t be him. Any clues how to actually play as these characters?


Are you on ps4? You might still have to “purchase” them (at no additional charge) from the psn store to unlock them


Are you sure you downloaded the season 1 & 2 pass? After you enter the code, you have to download the pass in the PSN store before you can access the characters.