How To Play Chun-Li



anyone want to do a rufus version?


Sick guide lol I can’t wait for the remix!!!


Haha that was really good, I’m impressed.


:lovin: :lovin:


For those who don’t know, there’s a Blanka and Sagat one.



1 low short, into ex leeeegs!

2 low shorts, into ex leeeegs!

3 low shorts, into ex leeeegs!




Needs less autotune, though.


This is the greatest thing ever.
Blanka one is too much.


Alex (A_Rival on SRK)? Is that you? :rofl::lol::rofl:

Edit: Oh Shit, it is. Which makes it x1000 funnier. :rofl:


This is the greatest/funniest thing I’ve ever heard.
Good shit.