How to play Ironman without the infinite

i like to play ironman but most of the time i use him as my assist instead of a main character and i want to learn how to play him without doing the infinite. could u guys name some teams that u use ironman as a main character and what do u do with him like any setups.

IM w/o the infinite eh?? (IM’s infinite is important to his game, but anyways…)

well then, all you need is crouching jab, crouching strong XXproton cannon. one of the easiest combos in the game, 40% damage. nah just kidding thats not all u need.
don’t just stand on the other side of the screen and do unibeam over and over. people will get around that. if u want to do it from far away, you should do tiger knee unibeams (jab unibeam down-downforward-forward-up-forward+jab), they have less recovery than the ground viper beams.

One thing you can use is the smart bombs (short+fierce) its a good move to do if you superjump and do it ( you can aim it by holding forward or back or neutral), it protects your assists, and controls space.

I’m not a IM expert, and usually when i choose him I choose an assist that sets up his infinite. Maybe other people that are better with IM can give u some more advice

bout time someone made a decent IM topic…lets see how this goes

i play IM w/o infinit for the majority of my matches. besides blocking you should learn his aircombos and how to fastfly. ppl in tampa (me and asn demon) can use him like sent. sj. hp fly hp unfly whatever. i can take teams w/o infinits but you just have to have a game plan. smartbombs are your friend, lp unibeams, use repulsorblast if you have an assist out to make up the recovertime.

thats good but do yall guys got any combos that do damage without or with a assist or a team that would be good to use with iron man?


i like to use mags/im/psy or replace psy with sentinel. ground magnetic tempest xx pc does supppperrr damage. and psy just compliments mags and IM too well. if you have problems connecting pc, psy is the easiest way to go. i added sentinel in there just cuz he goes good with any mags based team. actually any team in general haha. not to mention pc xx drones connects and could lead to some dirt combos especially if in the corner

storm/sent/IM is a real good team. all characters are capable of defense or rush. DHC any super to any other super. storm and sents ground assist or good ways to link IM’s lp or which is one of IM’s keys.

i basically base my teams with any combination of those characters. a lot of people use doom but i’m just not a doom fan.

you should master japanese setups. cancelling his to sj can lead to anything: reset, super, ground infinite, unfly infinite, sj. infinite, proton cannon. of course its hard as fuck to land that first lp so what he really needs (if you’re trying to play no infinite) is a good assist since his rush game isnt all that fast

c.lp,, sj.lp, sj.U+HP, land, s.lp,, lp repulsar blast xx proton cannon. if you time it right the opponent will go behind you and IM will turn around and do the PC. but if you dont time the repulsar blast correctly it would do more damage to just do the PC after the

this is one of his easier combos. and it does over half damage.

IM has crazy priority. his standing hk is a great anti air and his riduclously fast. beginning of a match you can usually cancel out mags or with IM’s launcher.

if the opponent is rushing on the ground his hp will knock them back. if you like to use doom/sent or assists like that, just call out the assist and throw out random HP+direction since it has good reach and priority. or you could just use smart bombs with an assist. that gives you time to rush or get a unibeam for chip damage. i like to do smart bomb, hp on the way down, c.hp+assist, unibeam just for chip damage

sometimes just sj. and throwing out a bunch of lk’s could lead to a few unfly combos.

if you dont want to do infinites i say resets are IM’s best bet. here are a few rests

launch, d+hk
launch, ad/df, u+hp,,, ad/df u+hp
launch, D+hp, ad/df, sj.lp,U+hp (land on other side)
launch, hp, ad/df,,, U+hp, dash over
launch, U+HP, ad/df u+hp this one you can combo, but in the case that it doesnt, at least you switched up sides and can still reset there ass

IM is good without the infinites, but they are just way to convenient because you can kill a person in one combo. the man has at least five different infinites

jumping infinite: lp, mp, mk, U+hp
repulsar blast infinite: (corner) s.lp,, repulsrar blast
unfly: fly lk.+hp, unfly, U+HP, ad/uf, lk, U+HP
corner unfly: s.hp, fly, lk, U+hp, unfly, U+hp
sj infinite: (same height as jumping infinite) sj.lp,ad/foward, sj.lp, U+HP
that one has a variation. anytime you land: s.lp, cancel into superjump then the [sj.lp,ad/foward, sj.lp, U+HP]

cant forget his unblockable! keep IM second of the three. when your opponent is about to die, DHC to PC to finish them off. this gives you a guaranteed unblockable.

timing: while the person is as high as they can get during jump mode you want to hit your u+hp while youre on your way down. this usually sets up for the infinite but since this is a non infinite thread i guess you could hp to proton cannon or to assist. what you should learn is to watch for normal jumps during normal game play and try to get the infinite off while the person was already in

IMO if you use IM as an assist, learn mags.

slide, sj. ad/down, otg hk, slide+IM AAA,, AAA hits, ad/df hk, AAA hits AGAIN, then you can either [hyper grab xx MT] or time the juggle… dash over [,] which could lead to slide infinite, rom, MT. damn near anything.

if you like sent i recommend zoning using the anti air as defense. as soon a you see that shit hit, drone super. does dirt! there are a few variations of unfly combos where they land on the AAA but i really havent experimented

storm: AAA,, otg Hk, AAA hits twice and opponent goes to your other side (or you could just dash back and keep them on the same side),, ad/foward,,, lightning attackx2 xx super does damage too.

i’m not too advanced with storm/sent so i couldnt really tell you much with them but it seems they are his most popular team mates along with mags. if you want to know any mag shit with IM’s AAA assist i know tons. just ask

Mat you fucker dont give away some of our saucey IM

combo’s wait till we put it on video j/p

:badboy: the corner inf is mine mine mine lol

storm/sent/IM is a real good team. = fuck yeah :pray:

i was wondering can u do the same combo that u do with mag.( launch hk dash lk lk nj lk+sent hp then the character bounces off sents punch) and do it with iron man some how?

of course you can. its a little harder to time though. you gotta make sure mags isnt too high. but for me i noticed its a little easier to do

launch, hk, dash, lk, lk, jump u/f lk, hp+IM AAA, hk, MT.

since IM’s assist is a little slower, the extra Hk at the end helps make up for it

naw i meant like doing the combo u do with mag and doing it with iron man. like is there any combo that u can bounce the character off of sents punch with iron man. so ur using IM and sent to do the combo i was just giving a ex. when i said mags combo.

ohhhh. yea you can. you’d be surprised the control ironman has. you dont even need an assist. except after IM’ light kicks you have to end it with an U+HP and the timing to call the assist depends on the assist. example with psylocke

launch, hp, ad/df lk, mk, U+HP, one rep of the ground infinite and on the last hp call psy, PC (but for me its easier to do lp, mp xx PC)

rocket punch is usually a little harder to time so all you gotta do is practice that. but if you have drones, try this:

launch, hp, ad/df lk, lk, U+hp, Sent Ground assist+dash accross, jump infinite or PC

what this does is you call out sent and then cross over. so Sent is on one side of the character and you’re on the other. the HP connects before the drones so it blasts the opponent to the other side straight into some drones which hits him back straight in to the PC. a VERY deadly reset

one i like with mags proj. assist goes

launch, hp, ad/df lk, lk, u+hp, mag assist (i guess its a glitch, even though you’re still in the air as long as you call the assist RIGHT before you land it should still come out) HPxxPC. its so pretty when done right because the opponent is shot to the end of the screen, hit with projectile assist then PC