How to play more aggressive in SSF4

Hello. I’m a casual player taking the leap to try an up my level of playing. I’m very familiar with the game. I watch tons of pro videos, I know all the lingo (option-selects, kara throwing) etc. I decided to develop a solid defense (which I think I’ve done pretty well) but now here’s the next phase of my journey. Offense. I don’t know how to deal damage to other players.

For instance, I know many combos with my character (Ken) but I have no clue how to actually perform these damaging combos on my opponents in an actual “game.” It’s like all my combo starters get stuffed ( Does anyone have any tips on how to be a more aggressive player? Much appreciated.

Knowing lingo is fine, but can you actually DO kara-throws? It is the number one skill of Ken players for pressure imo. Watch this excellent tutorial on his kara throws.


Can you do those block strings into kara throws? Can you do them consistently? As soon as a Ken starts busting kara throws out with the huge range his 6MK gives it, its a wake up call for the opponent and they are officially on notice. Most average or non-pro players will begin to fear the throw and turtle more or make mistakes like throwing out random shoryukens in hopes of catching you throwing or focus on teching the throws and eating bigger combos or simply start jumping and eating big damage that way. You obviously cant throw every time you attack, but it is a fearsome tool that is essential to your rushdown imo.

Also, his c.MK is his best poke. Try that if you are getting stuffed. Huge range and cancels into specials.

Main thing is to a) break zoning or establish your own zoning (rare, but there are times you will want to be zoning) and b) apply pressure. I assume you can get in close, so work on the block strings in that video above. They work with or without the kara throw and all confirm into combos or tick throws. Your main goal is scoring the knockdown by any means necessary. Also, work on dashing. It is an excellent skill for closing distance when they give you the opportunity. If its a knockback knockdown that leaves you far away, dash in immediately or close as much space as possible. Dont jump after or walk towards or only dash once if there is time to dash twice, etc. Makes a huge difference in the rushdwon if you are on top of them before they can even begin animating wakeup.

Thanx a lot for the tips and that video. I can perform Kara throws (in training mode), but I’ve never tried them in a real match. I never would have thought of performing a block string and ending it with a kara throw. That really does add another element to Ken’s game. I appreciate the reply…

If you want to learn how to play more aggressive i’d recommend looking up matchup data for your character. Each character has to be played specifically to a certain extent. You can use those neat tricks you’ve learned like option selects to give you an advantage to allow you to play more aggressively. Once you find out the matchup data youll be more clear about what move beats what and what you can use to open up the characters defense seeing that ssf4 is a very defensive game. matchup info will guide you into the exploits that you can use to your advantage against a characters weakness. hope this bit of info helps.

kara throw is another weapon to add to your arsenal(you should try it in a actual match)!

I sat down yesterday and practiced Kara Throws for hours until I had it perfectly down. I incorporated it into my game and I had AMAZING results! In the past, if my jump-in combos were blocked, my pressure was done, and I had to start over, but now that I learned to do the Kara Throw consistently in an actually MATCH, those block strings turn into a deadly weapon! I can actually see my opponent getting frustrated as I throw them from such a far distance. And when you mix up the block strings and end them with the kara throw, you’re opponent is ALWAYS guessing. These small tip made a huge difference in my rush-down. Thanx!

glad to hear you got your Kara action honed & yes, it can be frustrating(when someone is Kara throwing you)!