How to play mvc2?

im a total noob, and wanted to pick up mvc2 for fun “again”. so my question is (quite simple to answer, i assume) how to play mvc2, in generall that is. i’ll give you a few dots on what i wanna know/what i mean.

**** what is it you always try to achieve? i guess its only a combo which you later on combo into a super? so you like fly around/jump around tryna get that combo to link to super? got damn this question feels dumb… but im a total noob, and from watching vids (when you’re a noob) well i think some ppl know what im talking about :rofl: you understand like 5% of whats happening.

**** you can link combos after a super?

**** how often do you use assists? very much? what situations?

**** whats the best thing to do on opponents wakeup?

**** you cant block when you fly right? when is it good to fly etc?

but most important is, just how to play it in generall, the what-u-tryna-achieve question. :stuck_out_tongue:

The only character who really makes use of his fly mode is sentinel.

Assists are a vital part of the game, whatever your team may be. You’ve got to learn how to integrate the assist you have into your strategy, and learn the cons/pros of assisting. Such as, knowing that your assist can be punished and not calling them unless you can defend it. With gay characters like cable and storm, baiting and punishing assists is their bread & butter.

Take the time to get familiar with how the combo system works, and the importance of comboing into a super. If you can’t combo in it, don’t bother using a meter because it will NOT connect(unless you’re trying to punish an assist).

Also realize that while the computer makes a good punching bag, computer opponents are dumb as hell and don’t fight intelligently. Realize that most of the stuff that works against the CPU will not work against a real player. Thus, the only way you will LEARN and get better is by playing others.

Lastly, be patient and focus on the basics First! Don’t be one of those dumb noobs who watches others for a little while, and thinks he can just jump right in doing the advanced shit without knowing the basics. This only leads to frustration and quitting when they get beat down.

i thinks it better that you start playing the game agian, and figure out what to do in situations as far as match ups go, and look at character section here on the forums to read combos, and match up tips.

Your actually asking us “How do i play this game?” And that answer is pressing the buttons in combinations with the joystick motions so your characters do move to hit and damage the oppenent or to put him in situations that lead on to you hitting them.

I’d advise following this ancient Haiku, it really helped me.

in marvel, pick Storm

     lightning combo DHC--

                        to Robot, FTW

yea thanks guys… well i know how to do combo/air combos in to supers… well then…

i had a next question about locking up new chars. ive bought a few in the secret factor…now all the CHARS is sold out, all i can buy is some random gallery/skins and stage… do i HAVE to buy all that bs to get more chars? ive tryed w8ing, going in out in main menu, even resetting the game, but no new chars will appear… what do i do?

What you see in the shop is what you can get. IIRC you MAY be able to leave the shop and keep coming back and it might shuffle your options around, but I’m not totally sure about that. I don’t think you can get all the characters at the exclusion of their extra colors and the stages.

I learned a while back that it was silly and not worth it to keep going in & out, hoping it would shuffle the options in your favor. Just buy something and be done with it i say.

Eventually you’ll get everything. Maybe it was just my bad luck, but the characters i really wanted were never there when i could afford them :sweat:

you dont have to buy every character, u dont have to buy the gallery items or anything, once u keep playing and racking up the points, like u know how u get around 3000 points for completing the game on the hardest difficulty as long as u do OCVs. well u need around 50000 points total and then EVERYTHING will become available.

i had to do that too cuz i didnt want to unlock servbot and collosus cuz playing against the computer when they use them is so annoying so i didnt unlock them

are you 100% sure about that? i just need to save up 50k points and i get EVERYTHING? are you positive?

As far as i know, it only lets you save 9999 points at a time.

yep, i now got 9999, cant get more points than that… quite annoying cause i bought the 2 last stuff in shop which were a gallery and a skin, then its only keep coming new gallerys/skins and stages but no damn char… i tryed buying everything until points ran out without saving just to se if a new char came up, but nope…thats very annoying, i have to spend all 9999 i saved on some random BULLSHIT just to enable more chars? :confused: riight…

u can only save up 9999 at a time but once u get a lifetime total of around 50000 Everything will be availble for purchase.

if u want to do it fast, set the damage to level 4. and pick sentinel and tron bone Y(gamma projectile) assist i think or if ur not good with him pick who ever ur best at and then just play the game.

u should beat abyss within 6-8 minutes and get 3000 points per time. so in half an hour u should get 9999 points. so if u played nonstop for 3 hours u would be good lol

i remember deleting my save file cuz i was board and i know for sure that its either 50000 or 60000. that i can gaurantee cuz i did it like 2 months ago and i remember using a calculator and everything. i did it on the xbox so unless they made a change to the dreamcast or Ps2 versions. u should be able to do it in 4 hours maximum

just copy a friend’s data.

lol i made a vid of me getting 3000 points for completed arcade mode. (yes laugh i dont care)

i’m surprised it took me 9 minutes, i guess u can replace all the times i Romed with 5 fierces and u should cut the time in half to 6 minutes but im trying to not 5 fierce anymore and rom.


so say that took 10 minutes and i got 3100

60000/3100 19.332432

19.3 times 10 = 193 minutes

so it should take you 3 hours and 15 minutes at MAX. lol probably less than that if u use sent or cable orsomething

having a little trouble with the ROMs from the left side… hehe

fastest way for me to beat the cp is Sent and Commando.

yeah i was using a regular controller so i couldn’t do fast flys, other wise i woulda been using sent/cable/tron. i think thats the fastest way.

espcially if u get them in the corner

well… lucky i got some brains, i bought the two last stuff in secret factor, went out, and went into traningmode and w8ed a few hours…then new chars came back :lovin: so im on my way now.

Not certain if anyone mentioned this yet, but since there is talk of points going on, you can use the points ‘code’.

Which is simply going into training mode and leaving it(unpaused), all night. You wake up in morning, exit training mode and let it save, you now have max 9999 points to use.

Use an Action Replay, that will unlock everything.

yeah thats what ive been doing, leaving it in traningmode over the night or just letting it be in traningmode at random points during the day to save up points. i find it to boring to end the game and get points that way, i rather wait in traningmode :bgrin: