How to play mvc2?

when you get a new color/skins for a char btw, what do you press to use different colors?

Different buttons.

Roundhouse will give black Sentinel, and Assist 1 will give Black Dr. Doom. You’re going to have to figure out Spiral on your own.

ah okay cool man! thanks… so there is only ONE extra color for the char? in other words, 3 different colors for each char?

No, there are six different color possibilities with each character. Each button corresponds to a different color.

ah okay! what i thought, like all the other capcoms fighters… do you know if there are any purple skin of dr.doom/spiral?:wink:

go here

(Cape, Garb)/Armor
X: Green/Gray Y: Dk. Green/Green-Gray ZL: Dk. Blue/Gray
A: Lt. Green/Lt. Grey B: Lt. Brown/Gray CR: Br. Green/Gray

X: Lt. Blue/Lt. Green Y: Lt. Green/Green-Yellow ZL: Grey/Lt. Grey
A: Blue/Yellow B: Purple/Lt. Purple CR: Dk. Blue/Lt. Grey

the best u could do is maybe dark blue/grey for doom and purple for spiral

Except for some characters that capcom got really lazy with, like Samurai and colossus.

Shame, colossus has the absolute worst color ‘choices’ :rofl:

I’ll tell ya right now three easy steps to get good at marvel:

1 - Give up any social life you have

Yes, no phones, no friends, no girlfriends, no internet, just hours and hours of marvel. By the time you’ve mastered marvel, you should be so into the game that you think storm is yelling b/c of you. . . :wonder:

2 - Watch tourneys, not combo videos

Half the crap you see in combo videos is not possible to do when your playing the opponet. Just watch matches of people who use your fav charachters. If your fav charachter isn’t being used, then get a new fav charachter.

3 - Get to the arcade

Thinking your gdlk b/c your pulling off ocv’s against the computer on the hardest setting is a problem. You need to get to the arcade and test your skills against the random scrubs and “couldn’t qualify for evo” peeps. Beat a scrub and you feel superiour, beat a guy who has been going to evo, but is still a nobody. . . your start to think “maybe I should go to evo”.

Never Tag out your partner unless your sure it’s safe or have no gauge.
Always DHC your partner out.