How to play Q's theme?

How do you get the Q theme to play on arcade?

The cabinet at denjin is japanese with unblockables so I’m pretty sure it should play it but I don’t know how.

I’ve heard things like it has to be on event mode, Q has to be 2p, etc., etc…does anyone know for sure how to get it?

isnt it, og board, default settings + event mode + q is first player

Bagrat said he put it on event mode and the music still didn’t come out.

If it’s Japanese and has unblockables shouldn’t it be OG board?

P.S. I’ll test it again today…thanks for the help guys

i did Q music at denjin

you just need event mode + q is 1st player, but you also need like a clean reset or something on the cab otherwise you won’t get Q music so weird.

I discovered it son
denjin tonight?


little late but i did a mini guide on enabling event mode.

p1 has to be Q
both players can’t use Q

the alt method is to fight Q in single player, ~6 SA finishers, no losses, C avg or better.


Q has to be on 1p side? wak

1p side, Dudley stage, Q music. Cab must be set to event mode. =D