How to play Ryu (Bafael Guide)

Extremely useful guide for the newer Ryu player. Lots of this information has been covered in other guides but still a nice refresher.

I got questions, What is ryu safe move for offense?(hit confirm). I see a lot character seems to be able to charge in and apply pressure, and still be safe. Ryu cant seems to apply pressure? The move I know is only and I also wish to know when should we use solar plexus.(when is it safe to use?

Ryu pressure Normals are both light kicks, both light punches, both medium punches and crouching medium kick. Standing medium kick is good in the corner.

As for solar plexus there’s 3 uses. One is to meaty after a forward throw. The other is to punish when you cannot score a crush counter punish. The third use is whiff punishment. This is hard to do in footsies but easier when you set it up with blockstrings.

For example if you were to do a string like Standing medium punch into crouching medium punch and the opponent whiffs a crouching medium kick of their own they get whiff punished by solar plexus. The key is to use the move just outside the range of thier retaliation and know what they are likely to retaliate with.

This is much stronger in the corner because there they have to deal with you walking back in after frame advantage. On that note how do you guys structure your corner pressure? We cannot end strings in hadoken because it is a guaranteed punish from almost the entire cast. What do you guys use as a substitute?