How to play vs aggressive/defensive players



How i need to play vs aggressive? to be aggressive too or to take it easy?
And how vs defensive players? to pressure them, or to be defensive too?

More one thing…what is the fastest move/attacks i can do when some1 hitting me so fast from close range and i cant go away?



Against aggressive players, play defensive. Just way for your opportunity to attack and do it. Then teleport out of there or something. Against defensive players…you can do either. Out-turtle them (preferred) or just RTSD (if youre bored or actually want to play aggressive) with tele mixups and such. Although, dont get too predictable with either method or you’ll be screwed.

Sim’s fastest normal is db.LK I think, but even then its not that fast. He doesnt have (at least to my knowledge) anything fast enough to poke out. Just block until they get pushed back and go from there.


against turlers, j.hp as an instant overhead is superior


When a player gets too agressive, they are focused on offense and don’t think to block. That is the prime time to risk the IAT or instant air teleport.

If they rush in and you teleport behind them you might tag them with a fierce punch, and if you are close you can finish with the xx lp.Yogaflame. Throw a fireball if you knock down and try to IAT again for the fireball trap. With the fireball coming at them they might block than try to knock you out the air.

Does not apply to Zangief.

Also on crossups and on wake up. Back dashing is important. If you are cornered it is worth it to get hit to get out of the corner.