How to plug the wires in Bat joystick


hey guys,

i have bought madcatz fightstick, and ordered this Bat joystick, then i figured that i can’t replace it since it dosen’t fit. so i chopped off the black wires but i couldn’t do it.
here is my FS.

my question how can i make it working??
i’m new here, so pardon me regarding anything.


You’re gonna have to put quick disconnects on those microswitches. Daisy chain four of them for common ground, then put another wire for each individual up/down/left/right signal.


thnx dude, but what dou mean buy quick disconnects. is there any toturial somehow ??


You are the third person this week asking this question. Wonder what prompted people to go after the JLW all of a sudden.
Strange coincidence.

But you cut the wires…/facepalm…

So I can’t sell you one of these…

Since you already cut the harness there is no going back. I highly suggest you go to radio shack or any electronics supply store (try to find one, and NOT BESTBUY!) and buy the following:

10 .187 tab quick disconnects. You only need 8, provided you don’t screw up.

22 gauge hookup wire. Stranded preferred, solid is okay. You only need about 2-3 feet, but usually sold in 10 or 25 feet.

A wire cutter/crimper/stripper.

You may also need some butt terminals if you cut the wires too short.[ekm]100x100[ekm].jpg

You need to figure out what wire is ground. Go to a fighting game training mode with a regular controller. Now you need some masking tape or something to label the wires. Take two of the joystick cables and keep touching them until you get a movement out of a character. One wire will be ground and the other is a direction. Put tape around both wires. Now take one of those wires that moved the character and touch it to another wire. If it caused the character to move in a different direction it is ground. If it didn’t it is a signal for the direction. As you figure out what is what label all them. You will need to daisy chain the ground wire and put a quick disconnect on the signals.

They need to be connected like this:


rofl at another person with it, though i think its a different JLW than mine but same idea. Rtdzign to the rescue haha. I knew it was a good idea to take pictures for incidents like these


Maybe RT should just mass produce those harness…


Maybe people should stop buying legacy joysticks like the JLW.

And buy more Seimitsu.


I mentioned it to him and i too think its a good idea and he can profit

Are you kidding me, this JLW is so awesome(for me) it feels like the old school HAPP sticks i used at the arcades when i was a youngster=p


People could just follow his magnificent guides to make their own, those harness are really not difficult to make. Bottom line is, it’s up to RT if he wants to.

People have preferences, I personally like Sanwa joysticks & buttons better.