How to PM? Plus suggestion for SFxT forum

Er… so i couldn’t find out how to PM on this new SRK and that conversation thing has a 420 character limit so i figured this was the next best place to post it. I was originally planning to send this a PM to Jamp and Dev since they were the mods of the SFxT section, but i can only hope that it also reaches them this way.

Anyway just a little a suggestion i had for the SFxT forums. A lot of people seem to keep bringing up that wishlist, believing that it is indeed a leak. While a simple mistake on their behalf, this only serves to spread around misinformation and to be honest it gets old when people have to keep correcting them for 110th time.

To help solve this, I propose there be a new sticky thread that goes to discredit that list as a leak and proving that it is infact a simple wishlist. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a sticky if it doesn’t warrant one, just anything that’ll catch peoples attention really.
Like say put said disclaimer in the first post of one of the currect stickies and edit the thread title to inlcude “READ FIRST POST”. Or perhaps it might even belong in the board rules sticky and if so i also propose to have an “UPDATED (Date)” tag added to the thread title so people who’ve already read it can go back and revise the updated rules listing are.

These two posts would serve as good references in debunking that leak list rumour imo.

Highlight “Inbox,” click on “Start a new conversation,” type in the names of the people you want to include in the convo.

Thanks for that d3v.

How do you feel about the proposal? Not needed or will you look into it together with Jamp?