How to practice by yourself?

I’m looking to get into MvC2 and have no knowledge on it whatsoever. I’ve read the newbie guide and basics, but how should I start? Are there any good routines to improving your game by yourself? Thanks.

Well First you need to find comp, if you don’t have comp then why bother. Unless you find the crazy combos in vids cool, or you wanna mess with the game to find glitches or more combos.

First find what you wanna do with the game, then go from there.

Build familiarity and knowledge of the basic fighting system.

With no mp/mk, you should practice using this system and maximizing combos.

Learn the techniques and terms, and how each works, as well as how to use them, such as guard breaks, DHC, reset, wave dash, etc.

Familiarize yourself with the God tier, why each member is in that tier.

practice everything you see in match videos. the basics to all characters. everything else will come in experience.

Something I found usefull was to construct “learning” Bread & Butter combos that include all the different techniques in your game. Like the double fierce, air dash cancels, triangle jumps and whatever other techniques you use. You have to drill into your mind though that this isn’t your game plan. The idea first when learning on your own is to get your execution to a point where things come naturally. This may take a few months, but if you really want to do it, you will, right?

While doing all this you want to watch match videos… A lot of match videos! Understanding how each character works is essential and if you want to have any chance in the outside world you need to know what’s coming. This may take a while also but it’s an entertaining way to learn. It’ll also give you the frame of mind to create your own resets and mix-ups that you can use when you land that 1 hit.

Lastly you need to accept defeat. This will get you on a level where you can play, but not where you can concistantly win. The secret to being good at fighting games is experience, it’s all about playing other players. Depending on the conditions you’re in (alone or with community) kind of wires your reflexes and responses to what you’re used to. It’s hard to understand it, but it does. If you play other people you natutrally respond to their tactics and you become a hell of a lot more aware at what’s coming towards you. If you learn on your own you become used still and calm and when things come towards you it’s going to hit your concentration harder.

So remember, practice your execution, learn the different character’s traits, accept defeat, welcome experience and get out there and test your skills.

Just focus on getting the basics down first, and work your way up. Do Not “force it”, like when learning all things you need to be patient, and let it come to you in time.

When i mean basics, i mean: learning how to do the typical motions for supers, learning the value of assists and integrating them into your strategy, and the importance of comboing into supers.

Also keep in mind that the computer AI for every version of MVC2 out there is dumb as a rock, even on hardest difficulty. It does not fight intelligently, is only good as a sparring partner, and a lot of stuff that works against the comp would NEVER work against a real player.

As a result you won’t learn much from the computer, and will NEED to play against real players eventually, but just focus on the basics for now.

se7in had it right learn god tier since they push the game to the limit and learning them means learning the system
learn what to do how to do in practice then practice being able to do it in arcade mode when you think you can do this shit with a 70% rate go play some matches with people

learn how to a dashing jump forward.

learn how to use characters with air dashes and practice canceling super jumps into air dashes.

Don’t bother.

when you start marvel, learn what you can do to do damage to somebody…basically, pick your combos or learn your combos…because if you try to play people before you know many combos its not really going to b that fun

after you learn how to take a good amount of life off a hit, then you will be ready to start tryin to get your feet wet in comp, you’ll start tryin to learn how to get the actual hit off you need =)

its a never ending process =)

i don’t know if it’s like this for anyone else, but stop playing the computer once you can hand them a worthy beating, because it’ll only make you worse. i got so used to doing the combo setups, resets, and all that just to find out midmatch that’s unpractical, and also punishable. if you’re used to air dashing around with magneto because the comp will let you, prepare to eat a lot of capcom assist.

edit: should have read TG’s comment first, very very helpful. it’s not even a good sparring partner, cuz most scrubs can kill the comp with very little to no problem. you have to get used to actually blocking at some point…

Get a Dreamcast perfect port of MvC2 and train on some combo’s there.

Then when you’re ready take on the advanced combo’s.

1.) learn how to block. <---- the more important
2.) learn one combo of death

and now you’re a marvel master!

Pick a team that works together.

Are you kidding me again? Depending on how you fought the last round (aggressive or passive), if you fought agressive against a dumb AI, then the next stage AI will be more deadly. Mags will start doing tri jumps and mix ups, as will Storm. You must fight the computer pretty passive if its youve never seen a insane AI Mags or Storm or Rogue.

^lol yeah, i wish the Cpu would go beast mode with every character, like becomming untouchable. That way you could really see if your Msp or Santhrax could touch something like Team Shoto, or Dhalsim/Ana/Doom.

I’m in this boat, really, when by yourself, the only thing you can practice is execution, and a little mindgames with yourself, think “ok, would would a pro/I have done if I had done that”, that can keep you from making dumb mistakes (kinda).

If you ever get your jollies playing the CPU, try and ignore it’s dumb shit, just because a cpu will fall for something doesn’t mean you should do it, bad habits grow fast, just use CPU as a kind of execution training where they sometimes hit back, practice the patterns you see in vids regardless of what cpu does, but practicing patterns on CPU can be a little helpful with sent patterns, since in the corner most of the time they are going to SJ the second they get a chance and get out, now, they won’t mash a AAA to own you, but you can still use them as a moving target.

There is, of course, no substitute for real comp, ever.

its actually possible to lock down All the AI by just poking consistantly and fast in its face and forcing them to block. you can do this with pretty much any character against any character.

even though I have one person to actually to play marvel with, i’ve came up with crazy new shit with strider that many don’t or didn’t know about. To an extent, I lack groups of comp for this game but i’m still able to push myself and my team to the next level.

if you want it, you’ll go get it.

in a sense, playing by yourself and no one really knows who you are helps a bit. If you create new setups or scenarios by yourself, players are rarely unlikely to steal them from you @ an arcade or a gathering. Trying to block something you’ve never seen before is really awkward and usually, most people don’t block it their first time @ bat. I still got strider setups that not a single person has blocked yet.

well u have to learn a certain amount by watching other ppl then u can add ur own stuff. the thing is this game has been out so long that u can learn 90% of the stuff from watching vids and other ppl in action. But when this game first came out u know there were ppl who spent hours in training mode and tried to see what comboes after what, if i do an mp will an mk connect or will i have to do a super etc. most of that stuff has already been done for the top tiers but i guess u can still practice stuff for lower tiers. like shin chan (i think that is his name) who did the chun li vid, obvioulys he had to of had to spent time in training mode figureing out what connects with what, what properties are what.

for the most part, u can spend alot of time figuring out resets cuz since they are not combos per se. ur imagination is ur limit. but in terms of straigt up comboes u can figure out most things by watching vids and just practice practice practice. at least for the common characters.

well at absolute least, depending where your skill level is, try blocking entirely (no counter, no assist) against storm or rogue when they enter bitch mode.