How to practice combos on ssf2t pc version


Hi, is there anyway to practice combos on the ggpofba emulator or mame without the cpu player moving? I’ve had this in the past but cant find it anymore.



The best option is to get another emulator (MAME-RR/FBA-RR) and use the trainning mode cheats. So you can also train other stuff like spacing and stuff cuz of hitboxes or whatever…
But if you just want to train combos then this works well enough: just create save states with a dummy (i.e. choose a character for player2), when he dies just reload the save. You can do that with F8~F11 keys.
If you ran out of save states (you can have only 8 per rom) then you can get all the other ST roms from the other regions, so you’ll have 8 save states per rom.


I agree with Born2SPD. Just get a good emulator (ShmupMAME, GroovyMAME) and load states. Negligible lag, and accurate gameplay.


I downloaded Mame from their site and when I try to open ssf2t it wont open I get this: Works fine on ggpo though.


ggpo rom doesn’t work for mame

you’ll either need to

  1. find mame st rom sets

  2. or use programs like clrmamepro to rebuild your ggpo romset to mame romset

you also need for mame


Which version of Mame do i need to use the cheats I downloaded Mame 0.150 and q sound and now the rom is working fine but, when i went to its just a block of code what do i do with it and on mame 0.150 when i press the tab key theres no cheats option


Put the xml on the cheat folder.


Theres no cheat folder


Do I need an old version of mame or something?


put at the same level as mame.exe


I made a video do you guys can help me better I still can’t get it
Im not used to making videos.


Newer versions of mame after .150 started using 7z for the cheat archive.