How to practice footsies?

So while I was playing and watching videos I realize that the pros seem to convert a single hit into damaging combos pretty often, for example fei long would throw out a low crouching light punch and go straight into rekkas, are these people just really good at hit confirming or do they know it will hit? For me I don’t know if a move will hit unless its an obvious punishable thing like a DP do they just know the frames that well or just fast at reacting/hit confirming things?<div><br></div><div>and</div><div><br></div><div>how exactly would it be possible to practice footsies, I have read the guide for it and it just seems so difficult to just do without any practice or such cause I get constantly whiff punished and I hit randomly and will not be able to convert, I usually cannot land a combo outside from a punish or cross up because I never know if my first hit will hit.</div>

The Fei Long play is a type of option select. You do cr.jab but buffer a rekka with another button, if it hits you continue into rekka, if it whiffs the rekka doesn’t come out. You would only do this outside of block range though because if they block the cancelled move still comes out. <div><br></div><div>Play’s like that are for catching people in the footsie game. It extends to most other characters also. Like ryu with xx fireball or Cammy with xx drill. </div><div><br></div><div>It would help if you said which character you play but generally hit confirming is easy. You pick 2 shorts followed by a heavier button and cancel that into special, usually a low hitting short (incase they block high) so for a basic character like Ryu his hit confirm would be… </div><div><br></div><div>, cr.lp link to cr.fierce xx tatsu or DP. </div><div><br></div><div>When the first 2 hits register that’s your signal to continue your combo, if they block you can cancel into a fireball or another safer play. This is also where you should learn block strings also as you can react to both the hit or the block. </div><div><br></div><div>As for practising footsie’s play an opponent and stay grounded, start your offence with well spaced normals as opposed to going in through the air. Try playing entire matches without leaving the ground and use which ever moves your character has to chip away at the opponents life bar. </div>

<font face=“Arial, Verdana” size=“2”><span style=“line-height: normal;”>Im just going to throw in my suggestion as well. Im guessing you use Fei seeing where you post. Go into the lab and set up your dummy to record. Then use your dummy to use their main poking tool (ex. Ryu’s 2mk). Now replay him and make it so that you are just outside of his poke. What you are doing right now is something called zoning, where you are able to use your normals at the best advantage they have by whiff punishing their’s. Now make sure that your poking tool (2lp or cr.lp) is able to hit his (try to anticipate and see if it hits after Ryu sticks his leg out). If your poke hits his, you are in perfect range. Now keep in mind that footsies is more then whiff punishing, because someone can bait your poke and whiff punish yours in a second. The main idea is to dissect your opponents patterns and see where they poke and what poke they use. After seeing that you will want to bait it out so that you can punish that poke without being in its range. You read the handbook so im hoping you watched the videos that show examples of each situation. Just try to bait their pokes and punish it with theirs. It’s not something where they poke and as soon as they put it out you press a button, its kinda like “ok, i know your going to poke when i do this, so im going to make it so that when I do this you should do that, which is your mistake.” So to dumb it down, if You see say a Cody use 2 lk when you are say 1 big box (in training mode) of distance from him (lets say hes assuming your going to walk into his attack during active frames). Now you know that cr.lp can punish that from lets say 1 big box and 2 mini boxes of distance between you and him. You should walk into the 2 mini boxes, then immediately walk out. Did he 2lk? Yes? Ok, do it again, except this time as soon as you walk out of the space use 2lp with rekkas buffered and the chances are Cody has around 170 less life then he did before. That is getting footsies down. Walking in and out too much may lead to him 2lking you while walking forward, which is why you may sometimes want to bait with a couple lights. Also you would also want to poke him with whatever poke as soon as or as he walks into range because its still good to get that damage. But he might say “hmm, i noticed he threw that out as I was walking into range and ended up making me walk into the hit, so if I just…” then he will walk in then walk out just in time to whiff punish for example Fei’s 2hp. These are things you have to consider that your opponent may think, but at the same time you have to confirm that he or she is thinking that by testing them out. I can go on and on about this, but thats why there’s a guide for footsies. But the best way to start is to stay in your whiff punish range and do everything told to do in chapter one of footsies handbook. Don’t even think of going to other chapters until you feel you are comfortable with everything in chapter 1. Bring what you read and learned online or in locals. If your gonna lose, then lose and accept it, then ask why you lost and even look at the replay. Even if you lose the point is your learning what chapter one says. Then when you feel comfortable, go to chapter 2, do what it says and so on. Im sorry for the super huge paragraph but this footsie thing is so much even though I just explained the very basics of it, not even fully. So just do what the handbook says, and maybe even take my advice, and as time goes on you will notice the difference</span></font>

Play against opponents without using jumping or special moves outside of combos.  It will force you to think carefully about your approach, spacing and overall strategy using your normal moves.<br>

Read the footsies handbook, try to implement things from it in real games.

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Footsies isn’t something you learn overnight. It’s something that comes from goal-oriented training and a lot of time and effort put into it. It often takes years for players to really understand and utilize it in a match, but thanks to the internet, you can improve much quicker as a player compared to just learning it intuitively.

I assume you’ve read’s footsies handbook, so there’s a good start. Start off by taking 1 lesson from each chapter and learning to apply it in a match. Learn when to use it, when not to use it, and really try to understand why and how it’s an effective strategy. Make that the sole focus of one of your training sessions until you start to net some results. After you feel comfortable with it and know how to use it in a live match, then move onto the next lesson in the chapter, etc etc…

Read your post a little more closely and wanted to give some insight.

Sometimes they’re just throwing out the cr.lp and option selecting the rekka, like others have said. If the cr.lp whiffs, you can’t cancel into rekka so it’s fine as long as you’re not whiff punished. Sometimes it’s reaction to a move whiffing.

Asking how you practice footsies is like asking how you practice math. You have to practice individual pieces of footsies, like walk patterns, whiff punishes, spacing, baits, etcetera. These sorts of things are hard to practice in training mode without someone else. But training mode is good for knowing what’s literally possible. For example, if you want to see if you can walk back to avoid Bison’s mashing in your string and whiff punish, record the string and do the reversal-timed yourself.

Then stop throwing out your move. There are different things that people react to, not necessarily your attack. Maybe your walk pattern always leaves you in range of their poke, so they’re not afraid to throw it out since they never whiff. Maybe you always hit your button at a specific timing, which means they know they’ll counter-hit or whiff punish you. You need to incorporate more into your game, you’re probably too predictable. There are lots of little tricks to help with this in the Footsies Handbook. One of the most basic is whiffing a light attack to get them to try to whiff punish, then throwing out a counter-sweep. Standing just outside of their poking range is also really strong.

You can practice hit-confirming in training mode with the dummy on random block. First of all, make sure you’re using a string that’s reasonable to confirm. Something like Ryu’s cr.lp (confirm) cr.hp xx hk tatsu is doable. Something like cr.hp xx hp SRK is not possible to confirm.

You really should practice hit-confirming, and have reasonable expectations for yourself. Experience players might be able to hit-confirm off ridiculous situations. Don’t worry about that for now.