How to pratice linking


I know the basic stuff everyone mentions.

Training mode, auto block.
Doesn’t come out = too fast, Comes out and blocks = too slow. Comes out no combo = way too slow.
Spend as much time as possible hammering out the moves.

But how exactly do you get yourself to change a timing on the attack, I find that hard to do is there some mini specific things some of you do to variate timings when starting on in this game?

Kind of a roadblock that I have a crap load of hours on my char, go up to some one who doesn’t even play my char and he can link everything out on the first few attempts…

Lately I’ve just been trying lp > st mk > Hadoken on ryu just to practice linking in general and I can’t do it so Im wondering how people variate timings slightly or maintain the same timing once they have the move down ??


Try p-linking.

A tip that help me (I’m awful at timing).

Close your eyes and concentrate on the sound.
The sound of you pressing buttons, and the sound of the game all together (cut the crapload music, keep only the sounds).

And then try to get the rhythm right.

If it’s not working try the full tactile approach. And try to use different timings while changing those with a granularity as fine as possible.

I don’t know how to explain that but you can feel time more precisely with your fingers than your eyes.
Kinda like the sampling frequency is higher or something like that.

Anyway you’re working on something that’s beyond your eyes sensitivity so do not try to rely on those to much. As time is going on you’re gonna rely on muscle memory.