How to Prep Older Stick for SFV

I’ve got a TE-S with an older PS360 in it from SFIV. With SFV coming out and play switching to PS4, should I plan on just selling and upgrading sticks, or is there another PCB I can drop in to prevent having to go nuclear like this? It looks like the current PS360+ still has some timeout issues with a PS4.

Well this seems like an easy fix. Just ended my eBay auction. Are these folks a trusted enough brand that I can pre-order and expect it to work well?

Yes, they are. They have a few threads in Tech Talk ( Brook Universal Fighting Board Thread ) where a Brook Engineer ( @“GOGO.Zippy” ) has been providing support for their products and if something breaks due to a firmware update, thus far it has taken them about 24 hours to resolve the problem and release it. Regarding the UFB specifically, there are a couple well known testers ( @“Jasen Hicks” , @jonyfraze ) who have beta boards and can vouch for the product.

Brook also makes good converters and a ps3 /ps4 /pc board if you want to save some money.

I’m all for modding it with a Hori Fighting Commander 4 pad and DPDT switch.