How to prepare for Cody?


So I’ve been looking up Cody gameplay vids and he seems like a pretty cool character to go with…

For all you experts out there, who would you say Cody is most similar to in Street Fighter 4? I main Bison now but I figure I may as well get some practice in before Super so I can have a bit of a head start in learning Cody.

I’m looking into T.Hawk as well, but it’s kind of obvious that I’d prepare for him with Zangief.


This may be the obvious answer, but…do you have access to any way to play Alpha 3? It’s available on Dreamcast, PS1, PS2, PSP, and MAME/GGPO. Aside from a couple changes, Cody in SSF4 is looking to be pretty similar to Alpha 3 Cody.


Just play Alpha 3. People have been playing it on GGPO/Supercade for years. Can’t ask for roms or emulators here, but Google is your friend in that regard. That or just watch Cody A3 videos on Youtube.


alright thanks guys.

I figured i’d end up having to play Alpha to truly learn him but I didn’t know if he was pretty close to any current SF4 characters… maybe Fei Long? not sure


word, id whip out the old A3.

I know when i herd makoto was confirmed i went straight to the arcade to brush up but that likely isn’t an option for you.


I’m looking forward to trying out cody aswell.

Any quick tips for A3? I don’t even know what these “Isms” are.


Honestly A3 won’t help you at all. He was only good with V-Ism in that game (high damage custom combos and fireball dodging) but that won’t be a factor in this game. Just learn to play SF4 well. Cody is supposed to have a turn around punch style move, so you might want to pick up Balrog for a little to get used to that.


A-ism cody is the most accurate form.

Practicing with Balrog for Cody? What a joke.

There you go.


This is a little bit off-topic, but, if my rusty memory is somewhat accurate…

“X-ism” basically makes your character play kind of like a Super Turbo character. Only one level of super combo, and no air blocking or other shenanigans, but your attacks do more damage.
“A-ism” gives you a multi-tiered super gauge and you can use the new Alpha mechanics.
“V-ism” gives you a custom combo gauge (like Juri’s U1) and lets Cody do his dodge move by holding Back.

V-ism Cody was the best in A3 by far, but A-ism is probably the best analog to practice for SSF4 since Cody won’t have his V-ism dodge or custom combos.


Thank you very much


I would just play Alpha 3. I don’t think there’s a character in Street Fighter IV that plays anything like Cody. I mean I’ve been practicing in Alpha 3 to prepare for Guy. For Makoto, I play both 3rd Strike and Street Fighter IV using Abel in order to not get rusty with the SFIV mechanics from playing too much 3rd Strike. Playing too much of one or the other usually messes me up.


Jokingly: Ask his parole officer, he should tell you whatever you want to know on the guy.
Seriously: Just play alpha three like they’re saying with the exception of ultra’s and FA’s hes pretty much the same sticking with Aism is your best bet.


I don’t see how playing Alpha 3 will help him at all. A3 is completely different from SF4 so being able to play Cody well in A3 won’t mean shit in SSF4. Just look at the other A3 characters: Sakura, Dan, Gen and Rose. None of these characters play anything like they do in A3, they have similar looking moves but combos, strats, timing, mix ups, etc are all completely different between the two games.


I don’t think it would be a bad idea at all to test him out in alpha3. You can get a pretty good feel for his zoning mechanics and what his perks are. He’s really unorthodox in a3, but can play any role. Corner tornado upper was beastly! I really would like to know what the numbers are on that in super.

Nobody will have a sense of the numbers until they’re put out, but you can get a sense for his character. Then again, some characters play nothing like they did in previous versions. Cody’s movelist is similiar though with exception to zonk knuckle or whatever, and from what I understand all the good moves he had in a3 are still good.

I for one am really looking forward to his development in super.


Ya v-ism cody was pretty much the way to be comptetive. Not taking chip damage from fireballs was great, that has been implemented into SSF4 somewhat w/ his zonk knuckle or whatever theyre going to call it, by s-kills video looks like you will have to hold a punch button just like rogs turnaround punch. Hoping most of his alpha 3 combos still work.


hah being inexperienced with alpha I have to ask this… the whole A-ism or V-ism thing… that’s just a mechanic from Alpha right? kinda like picking the type for each character in MvC2 before a match?


I would say just learn as much as you can about vanillas mechanics… but what do I know :shy:

You can never really finish practicing execution so just practice the motions on both sides.

or you can play alpha 3 :rolleyes: