How to prepare for Cody?



So I’ve been looking up Cody gameplay vids and he seems like a pretty cool character to go with…

For all you experts out there, who would you say Cody is most similar to in Street Fighter 4? I main Bison now but I figure I may as well get some practice in with an input character before Super so I can have a bit of a head start in learning Cody.

I’m looking into T.Hawk as well, but it’s kind of obvious that I’d prepare for him with Zangief.


The easy answer for SFIV is probably Ryu.

The better answer is for you to actually give Cody a try in alpha3.

If you’re capable of hosting on, I’d be glad to show you basic Cody mechanics that will work in IV.

(Note: alot of information on Cody in alpha 3 is based on his V-ism, or other combos that won’t be necessarily compatible in IV. I’ve managed to just practice the basic stuff that will work, though.)

Take a look around here.


cool I’ll take a look at all that, thanks for the info