How to print stick artwork at right size?

Noob question but… How do you print out stick artwork on photoshop so that it comes out the same size as the stock stick artwork? Because whenever I print it out it comes out either too small or too big.

Btw I already checked stick essentials thread and what not, couldn’t find anything. :S

I would like to know the same thing. If I need to ever take a file into Kinkos what do I need to ask them to do etc. so it prints right.

It sounds like you aren’t using a correctly scaled template for the artwork, either that or you’re allowing photoshop to resize…

Could you give more info on the method your using to make the artwork?

Are you pasting pictures to a template or making your own…

Oops, sorry man.

I’m using templates and pasting pics onto them, such as the ones found in the essentials thread.

Normally, if the template is scaled correct to the size of your sticks control panel (or the plexi covered area) it will print fine, but problem might occur because:

A. The template isn’t scaled correctly

B. Your printing area is larger than your paper in one or both dimensions

It sounds more like the first problem but I can’t be sure without seeing the template.

The easiest thing to do is find an image that can be scaled larger than your stick, then when you cut it down to size it will still be ok. But if you want all or as much of the image to fit as possible, you need to make sure the template is accurate.

Which one are you using?

If its on the forum try and link to it, and also what stick have you got?

Well the first one I did was the EX2 and I had to fuck around with it a lil to get it at the right size (a.k.a. guess printing resolutions >_>), but now I’m looking at the HRAP2SA and TE fightstick templates, and from the print preview, it looks like it’s gonna print out WAY too huge.

measure the width and height of your control panel in MM, Inches or cm… Whatever you prefere. I use MM. Goto photoshop, open the template. goto image, and then image size. Check the document width and height is the same as your panel. If it is then it should be fine. maybe the image appears bigger on your monitor because the resolution is higher than 72 pixels. The standard resolution to fit a image on a monitor is 72. a resolution of 150 is for low quality print, 300 is for high quality print. Resolution does not affect the image size, simply the quality. So as long as the document width and height are the same as your panel then it’s all good.

If you’re using a template, then possibly the reason it’s not printing correctly is because you’ve not chosen the correct dimensions for the paper you’re using to print it out on. before you print goto page setup, select the correct size of the paper you have in the printer.

Yeah I was using 300 ppi resolution, thanks shimmerman.

No problem :slight_smile:

Since I work at kinkos…

When you do go in and submit your files I suggest printing on standard lazer paper and then lami-label. Ace.

so you guys lami-label sizes larger than letter?

Most locations should carry tabloid size, if not, request they order it.