How to properly mod this bad boy?


is possible to replace the stick with a sanwa one without drilling holes?


It may be possible, if you do a little work on the base of the Sanwa stick itself… like it is described here:


why would you want to?


thanks Morpheus_79

el greco, when you move the stick it feels really bad, it’s a second (or probably) third hand stick


i tried and turned out that the sanwa stick’s base it’s very similar to the hori one but not exactly fit

holes are very few misaligned after i mounted one screw, and can’t put others properly

such a shame, i bought that stick with the intention to change parts

i’m fucked

edit: can a seimitsu joystic fit? i don’t have it as spare part to try


I asked because it’s a 20+ year old stick that’s not the best option for customization

If you put “Hori Fighting Stick PS” + shoryuken in google’s image search a few examples pop up. It can be done, but at the end of the day you’re better off not going through the trouble. I should have told you that in my first post.


The smaller Seimitsu sticks can be installed very easily, such as the LS-33, 55 and 56. You’ll need to solder the direction signals and grounds yourself, but that’s about as tricky as it gets.

Sanwa JLF is a bit more problematic…


i’m used to the sanwa jlf, which of those 3 seimitsu feel more like it?


In my experience nothing feels quite like a JLF, but… avoid the LS-33.

The LS-55 and LS-58 are probably closest to JLF’s which isn’t very close at all. You’ll also need to decide whether to get the pcb versions or not (which come with a ‘01’ prefix).


what’s the difference with pcb or not?


PCB is for ease of installation in arcade sticks that have a joystick harness.

In your case it doesn’t make much difference either way, though there will be sightly less soldering if using the pcb version as the GND points are already daisy chained.


maybe it’s the perspective in the photos but…

are seimitsu’s shaft the same length of sanwa’s?

does all seimitsu models have the same shaft length?


You should take a look at slagcoins “joystick models” chart: