How to properly OS Crouch Tech?


I’m trying to get the OS Crouch Tech to work but whenever I do the input, a cr.LK will come out and I’ll get thrown out of it! Should you be imputing it rhythmically after every time your opponent hits you during a block string?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Yeah you rhythmically do it slightly after you could jab/dp reversal them. Best to record a dummy tickthrowing you. You only need to do it at the range where they can tickthrow which is around 2-3 light attacks pushback. After that you can jab spam to keep them from throwing you.




there is a rhythm to it. whatever you do don’t mash it out you will just be pressing buttons and won’t be blocking anymore. like the guy said before record the tick throw from a pattern. i recommend using balrog or ken as the dummy partners since they are tick throw monsters.


You have 10 frames to tech a throw…you generally want to tech at the end of that window to minimize the chances that you’ll stick out an attack and get counter-hit.


I still mess up my techs way too often. Just now I played some endless matches with a guy who had a three point strategy:

  1. turtle until knockdown.
  2. cross-up
    3a) if not blocked, do a combo that gets another knockdown
    3b) if blocked, go for a tickthrow somewhere in the combo.

Oh and he also liked to randomly mash jab which is another thing I don’t know how to punish.
Me winning the games were pretty much dependent on how many throw techs I botched… I still can’t bring myself to mash reversals either to punish for the repeated tick throwing, so the guy had no incentive to stop either. :frowning:


Hey thanks everyone for the help. Really appreciate it. Throw teching is one area in my game that is pretty weak. I’ll try to work on it.

And for Chousuke the poster above me, someone in the Cammy forum wrote something that might help you. It’s the 3rd to last post in this thread:

Hope this helps!


You mean this post?
OS Crouch Tech Post


That strat sounds so legit


Yeah that one. :sweat:
How do you link to a specific post? Sorry, I’m new here.


If you mash jab to get out of a blockstring it may sometimes work, however a smart player will just finish his blockstrings with a reversal move like srk. When playing balrogs that mash jab in blockstrings this strategy is especially relevant, cause it will hit counter hit everytime.


That’s what you call a reliable strategy.

Crouch tech is not a be all end all, it’s just a more reliable way to stop a throw. You need to pay more attention to what they’re doing and give them credit whenever they hit you, it’s pure intention for them to throw you, most likely they’re throwing you late for various reasons such as incase they though the attack would hit and threw for either reason.

You always have several options, jab spam is essential to beating throw spam if they need to move forward to throw. Another option is neutral jump, this is an effective means to regain momentum when they throw or bait something out.

Lastly, the fact that you “can’t bring yourself to reversal” is just hesitation, if you don’t reversal ever/at all, then you’re HIGHLY PREDICTABLE. Crouch tech is in fact as gimmicky as reversal DP Spam, it’s a “cheap way” to get out of a 50/50 type mixup, but we use it because it is so effective. You need to be smart about your play just as that os crouch tech thread said, even if single move or tactic is EFFECTIVE, using it over and over makes you predictable, and that’s bad.

Also, there are multiple ways to counter throw spam, one being n.jump, other being jab spam outside throw range, and others being reversal. Usually it’s wisest to use the option that nets you the least damage and keeps you the safest, which is Crouch tech, however if they’re so predictable in throwing and not baiting reversals out, then neutral jumping and reversals becomes such a great option that really you’re giving up good opportunities by not doing so.


Yeah, I wasn’t really complaining about the strategy, just lamenting my inability to consistently defend against it, despite the lack of variation. I don’t really know how to train myself to have the confidence to do the occasional psychic reversal without overusing them. :confused: I’m still relatively new and just recently got out of the habit of doing wakeup reversals randomly (Though that habit tends to come back when I get tired).

One thing I’ve been trying to do is just walk back out of the opponent’s throwing range, and it works pretty often, but then I always forget to punish the whiffed throw. :stuck_out_tongue: I suppose I should try to learn to just do things (like walk back, attack to punish predicted throw -> combo) and just take the damage if I get the prediction wrong, instead of trying to constantly rely on my reactions or crouch teching.


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is it possible to negative edge an OS’ed crouch tech?


No, you can’t negative edge a throw.



Cool, thanks!

Last night I was playing some ranked/endless and I watched my opponent closely and I was able to tech most of the throws! Thanks again for your and everyone else’s help.