How to properly use Tri-jumps and is my team viable? (MVC2)


ok so after a year of sf4 getting me into the scene i am picking up marvel for some fun, and because i think it will help my reaction time for other fighters.

anyways i have a couple questions;

first off: how am i supposed to use triangle jumps in a mix-up game? am i trying to put an assist on 1 side of the screen and then triangle jump to the opposite side of the opponent and or stay on the same side? because every time i try to triangle jump to get in with storm it just ends with me eating a normal to the face each and every time.

secondly i have read up on which teams work really well together, but not many of them really fit me that well, most teams involved magneto who i think atm is a bit above my skill level with the game. so i decided to start the game with a team of storm (projectile assist and my main pixie dd) psylock (AA assist and another solid dd due to her easy combo’s) and sentinel (ground assist, and i mainly use him to turtle and or to play the enforcer roll and burn some hyper meter when i have it). is there any reasons why this team would not function properly? any reason why these assists wont really work together well etc.

thanks in advance for any advice you can give this humble mvc2 noob.