How to pull off a super when using S groove

I am haviing a problem pulling off supers with S groove. I charge the super at half or less then half and try to do a super but it never comes out. Can anybody explain how to pull off a super.

Wow… anyway, yeah, you have to charge the super to a full bar in S groove for a level 1 super. If you are in your last 25% (33%?) of your life bar, and it is flashing, you get unlimited level 1 supers without any bar. If you have a fully charged bar, and a flashing life gauge, you can pull off a level 3 super.

Good luck.

Thanks got it to work. I was wondering I couldn’t do the unlimited super. I dont play the game alot so I learn something new.

you need to do two quarter circle motions :slight_smile:

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