How to pull quarter circles with the SE stick


Hi all, I’m new to the srk community and have a question about the gameplay with a stick arcade. I am not an extensive arcade player (=complete noob, as I never got enough money before) and I got yesterday street IV and a madcatz SE stick arcade.

I have a real issue when trying to pull quarter circles with this stick, as the base is square… I read the reason why (it makes up/down/left/right faster because shorter) but what is the most efficient to play it???

Should I make small move, avoiding to touch the borders? Or should I do right then up to do a right forward 1/4 circle move???

Ideally, if you’ve hear of a tutorial video on a site, I would be happy to get the link…

One other aspect is the charge, once more its very hard for me to perform. How long should you charge?

And one last thing, upgrading with a sanwa stick could improve the ease of pulling these moves?

Thanks for your reply.


when i do quarter circles, i try not to hit the corner. its actually the 2x quarter circles that i have trouble with sometimes. when doing shoryukens, try to end at the corner.

i never played on the SE stick, but if you want to feel the difference between that and a sanwa, go check out a SF4 cab.


One other aspect is the charge, once more its very hard for me to perform. How long should you charge? : About 2 secs

And one last thing, upgrading with a sanwa stick could improve the ease of pulling these moves?: Not really, you’re just not used to using a stick yet. Play for about a week and you’ll be fine.


If you don’t mind opening up the case, you could get an octagonal gate. Makes it easier for some people to do circulars. Other than that, just practice, practice, practice until you get used to the square gate.


I remember seeing a tool that let you analyse your inputs somewhere, but I can’t for the life of me remember where. Does anyone know what it could be? I think I saw some guy using it on a video to practice SRK movements.

I’ve been practicing on SFA3 at turbo1 speed, and apart from my SE slowly dying I’ve learned to do quarter circle, half circle, dragon punch, charge and charged super movements pretty consistantly. (In practice mode at least…) But I just cant seem to get the quarter circle x2 moves apart from random chance, even at normal speed. I don’t even want to contemplate half circle x2!

Any advice for these?

I really want to stick to a square gate - I could never play charge characters on a pad and the square gate makes the movement so easy all I have to worry about is the timing.

Ooh, I was just about to say it’s a shame search is gone, but it’s back :slight_smile:

Search is just google site search, but it was the first result :sweat:
Execution Aid


Double QCF isn’t really hard, just do the same thing twice quickly?

Most people over analyze the motion, and alot of people depend on the edges of the gate for guidance (hence people’s problems with square gates.) When I do the motions in questions, I avoid hitting the gate at all; and just make sure the microsensor pick up my movement. (the clicking noise).

Otherwise if you want a more simplified way of trying it, just do D-F D-F instead of thinking QCF; it registers as the same motion and is easier on the mind.

err and to elaborate on easier on the mind

You need to do a 360.
Sit there and contemplate the need of the 360; keep thinking about the full motion over and over, it’ll cause you to rack your nerves and brain when you try to do it on command.

Now sit and think “HCB, then up” The motion becomes easier to comprehend in your mind, so it becomes easier to perform time after time.

(Someone used this explanation for me when I started playing Garou and was using Rock as a main, hehe)


Keep practicing, the motion comes natural after you do it for the 100000000000000000000000th time.


lol thanks for that. After a couple of dragon punches I did 11 2xQCF in a row! I’m doing DPs half the time now, but it’s a start. :pray:

I have been trying overly hard to stick to the gate, but that’s because when I first started I tried to avoid it and couldn’t so anything. So I think it actually helped to get a feel for range of movement at first.


thanks a lot for all your advices, that helps a lot!
now time to get these fingers very hot :devil:


In SF4’s training mode there’s an option to show inputs, use it to analyze what you’re doing wrong and fix it.


I put an octagonal gate in my SE and i can do dragon punches fireballs and hurricane kicks like theres no tomorrow… my problem now is im having a hard time with the diagonals! Like i have to pull the stick far down into the diagonal slot… i keep missing low blocks and i cant jump forward/backward consitently and its REALLY screwing with me. I had an easier time with the diagonals with a square gate but i couldnt do the QC moves worth a damn (and ken is my mainstay)

Any advice? Just get used to the Octagonal?

Also, i noticed you can change the input of the stick betwen left analog, digital pad, right analog… i have it sitting on digital pad, would changing it to left analog help the way the game picks up my diagonals? hmm…


I cant do ultras what so ever with mine. So I am just going to give up with sticks and wait for my TE to show up and see if it is easier to do ultras with it.


If you’re not used to the square gate, the TE won’t really make too much difference in your ability to do ultras. It may feel smoother because of the sanwa stick but you really need to practice getting QCFx2 out consistently. SF4 seems to be pretty forgiving in regards to the timing of supers/ultras compared to other games so try going into training mode and turning on infinite meter and doing the ultra motions slowly at first until you get it down.


Regular QCF’s on the TE are a breeze once you get used to it. Double QCFs or 'Giefs 720 are tricky but totally doable. I know I sound like someone’s father but the trick to doing an Ultra in a match situation is to take a deep breath and have the confidence that you’ll land the motion.

Of course, checking your inputs in training and ghost motioning your joystick while you watch Inuyasha (that’s what she said) never hurts either. Best of luck, stick with the square gate for QCFs.


Did the old green and grey Dreamcast arcade stick have a square gate? I swear fireball movement were wicked easy on that thing, just flick your wrist.

I ordered a stick with a square gate and also a octagonal gate to try out.

I’m guessing the octos will feel more like American style HAPPs?


I think my execution is pretty good at the arcades (with the Japanese square gate) with any move but an ultra, like doing a Dragon Punch from a crouching position or chaining crouching attacks into a dragon punch. Ultras, however, having been consistently failing me. They would come out about 3/10 times, so those 7 other failed times led to defeats. I figured out what worked best for me today to get it out 9/10 times: Rather than doing two quarter circles, I would start from down/back to forward, so 7/12 of a circle. I think this is working for me since I use Ultras in a pinch or at the end of combo so they need to come out quickly. By adding that extra down/back, I gurantee myself hitting all of the motions needed. Even if I miss the second down/back, I’m more likely to hit the two QCF’s.

Try it out until the rhythm feels good.


Im loving the square gate, makes charging easy and I can pull off fireball/dragon punches 99% of the time. it seems to be as much about the rhythm as the precise movement.


Hi all

I thought it was only me having issues with hcb, qcf. I have TE stick and I’ve always had this problem.

I think the game it self may be to fast for my 36 year old body and yes I was there when Street Fighter became Street Fighter 2.

I’ve once had the Datel stick for the PC and i still have the dreamcast stick which is now rigged up to the PS3 via a converter.


I wish I still had my Saturn arcade pads. They were great for Xmen vs Streetfighter.


I wouldn’t try to logically try to learn to play a square gate. just play on it a lot and you will pick it up as time goes on. usually after two weeks you will be doing qcf 90% of the time, and SRK 70-80%. After a month you should be doing any move 90% of the time.