How to punish a shoryuken


Let’s say you are playing Juri and your opponent is playing Ryu. He does a mp shoryuken and you block. What are some good options for a counterattack (on varying meter levels)? Let’s say he whiffs the shoryuken, than what are some good options for a counterattack?

So far I have been mostly doing a throw or doing a x mk.pinwheel after ryu lands.


your most damaging non-jumpin combo


What he said. If you don’t know your character’s most damaging combo, go take a look at the Juri forums to find out or you can experiment with different combos yourself in training mode using the attack data indicator. Also don’t throw, that’s not taking full advantage of your opponents mistake. Straight up U2 should work also. :slight_smile:


Since I don’t really play Juri that often I can’t think of any ways to punish, but I’m sure you’ve got plenty of options to punish a blocked or whiffed Shoryuken.

The best thing to do would be to just go into training mode and experiment.


whatever combo nets the most damage.


the easiest combo with the most bang for the buck is usually a 2in1, aka your punish combo. there is no damage scaling on hits 1 and 2 so, pick your highest special move cancel-able normal (juri’s close hard punch OR crouching hard punch, her FAR hard punch does more damage but can not be canceled) and cancel it into your most damaging special move, i guess pinwheel. You can do this with anyone in training mode, just turn on the damage info and use process of elimination, normals first and then special, to find your best 2-1 punish combo.


Only thing I came up with was jump and instantly do mp, then xx dive kick if ya got ex, do it, then pinwheel or ultra!!!


I like your explanation Tonedef 5959 about the logic behind the right combo. cr.hp xx ex pinwheel is a very high damaging combo if you wait for ryu to land and I think I will try to work with that one for now. If you don’t wait for ryu to land than you have more frames to work with and I think you can squeeze in an ultra 2 if you got it. I’ll try your suggestion AOS too.

Anways while I was reading the wiki, it listed some combos called ‘counterhit combos’. I know what a counter hit is but I’m not familiar with the term counterhit combo. Is there a resource that explains this? Because I wasn’t able to find it.


Cr. HP xx HK (or EX) Pinwheel is Juri’s best punish, as others have said. Sadly it doesn’t do that much damage but it’s still her best option. Unless you have a Fireball stored, in which case you can do Cr. MK xx Fireball -> Cr. MK xx Pinwheel.

@ Above poster. Generally speaking you fish for counter hit combos during pressure strings if you suspect your opponent is pressing buttons. On counter hit you get more frame advantage, which allows you to do combos you wouldn’t normally be able to do. I don’t know what Juri’s specific counter hit set ups are, but for example, with Chun-Li you can combo a sweep off of jab on counter hit. You would look for this set up by delaying one of your jabs in a block string to counter hit the opponents crouch tech, and then combo immediately into sweep.

Regular combos work great on counter hit too. For example, Ryu can hit confirm plenty of shit off of CH Cr. MP, which also happens to be a pretty great move to use while pressuring. Standard variations include, Cr. MP -> Cr. MP -> Sweep, or Cr. MP, Cr. MK xx whatever.


Doesnt Juri’s teleport absorb a hit?
That would work against non HP DP wouldnt it?