How to punish akumas deleport on wake up?

any tips, having labbed it much but figure would get head start playing a lot of great akumas that do this and option select my wakeup with demon flip or trip when i black dash

Your thread title is confusing, if you mean Demon Flip thats cool but Teleport?

The most effective ‘punish’ for Demon Flip/Vortex shinanigans is… Well, for Balrog, block and get out - Others will shout “Don’t get knocked down!” which as we all know is not exactly helpful, as true as it is. Balrog hasn’t a good wakeup game and Akuma is one of the top characters for abusing this on Knockdown.

Bad Akuma’s mistime flip a lot on wakeup so pay attention to when and how they use it.

If an Akuma is on you and flips too late you can dash-under it and either get out or hit them and see if they are blocking correctly. Too early and both are grounded which eases the air pressure slightly but isn’t all too helpful as SRK, SBK or Sweep can punish Backdashes and they’ll probably be throwing out a blockstring anyways.

Bad timed Demon Flip kicks can also be focussed into a crumple (Too high / Late).

Demon-Palm has to be blocked high & Armor Breaks so most Akuma’s will pepper the odd Vortex with this to discourage Focus Attacks or Focus Dashes. Demon Sweep obviously, I don’t see many use this unless mixing it up or trying to catch you out when you’re moving back or backdashing. The grab can be avoided with a jump so if you see an Akuma trying to abuse this then neutral jump into punish (If you don’t knock him out of the air) or just jump away.

With all the above in mind, the simple fact is that it’s a guessing game against a good Akuma and Balrog doesn’t fare well in that game because his escape options are limited.

Flips done from mid/full screen can be light/med headbutted or Downfierced so do not let an Akuma get in using that garbage - Additionally back/neutral jumping fierce will beat them all with Palm being the only possible exception depending on the range seeing as that can hit you out of the air despite looking totally ridiculous.

TAP & Headbutt aren’t ideal and will see you eat more damage so don’t throw these out in desperation, just block/defend and get out if you can and compose yourself.

For Balrog I find the defensive Akuma’s are so easy to destroy but the real decent aggressive ones can be an absolute nightmare when they understand how difficult it is for Balrog to get to his feet and get away safely through all Akuma’s shinanigans so stay patient, punish any non-safe attempts/mistakes he makes and, well, as said, try not to get knocked down into a Vortex ^^

It’s hard for me personally to sit and type out what you should do because I could say one thing, but in an actual game I might get really flustered and react poorly. But the way I’d work with a demon flip has many different possibilities. If an akuma does one up close on my wakeup, I’d generally try and block it and work from there. A good Akuma after a blocked demon flip will apply a ridiculous amount of pressure so this is where skill comes in. Are you quick enough to high block the overhead in the blockstring, tech the throw during the blockstring, block or avoid another demon flip?

If I’m standing when an Akuma does demon flip, a neutral jump or jump back fierce easily does the trick. Two of the best air normals in my opinion. It’ll take care of the job, assuming you have the reflexes to jump up as Akuma does. If done late, he can use the kick and it’ll win.

If you’re also talking about how to deal with teleports, generally an Akuma only does those as defense. Well to me and my Rog anyway. After a knockdown is when it occurs usually, and 99.9% of the time, Akuma will teleport away from you. The way I deal with that is after the knockdown, super, ultra, whatever, I’ll get in their face as if I’m going to do something on wakeup but I’ll maintain about a cr. forward’s distance, and anticipate the teleport with a jump back. If done correctly, you should be pretty close to them, if not right in their face, and have a sufficient window of punishing opportunities.

Well, that’s what I do anyway. Haha.

my fault about the typos in this thread lol i was drunk when i typed this, like when demon is on wakeup they teleport back right away is there a option select or something i mean im sure i can tap across if i time it fast enough but i want to know the best way of dealing with this, most akumas do this becuase i cant punish it.

Jab sweep option select.
reaction dp/super/ultra