How to punish Bison's Headstomp and other questions:



Well, like the title says, how do I punish Bison’s headstomp?

I’m using Haohmaru, Rock and Sagat2 these days. I used to try jumping up after blocking the stomp phase with an air-air priority attack but if they follow with the fist phase, I usually trade or lose. With Sagat, I block the stomp phase and them uppercut. With Rock, I’ll do my best at high crackcountering the stomp, else I’ll block it and have no idea how to punish it. I’ve tried standing RH after the block phase, and it works if they go for the fist. If they simply fly away, I just end up eating chip damage. With Haohmaru I can’t punish it well.

Also, if I’ve had a few matches recently with jumpcrazy Blankas and other highpriority air-to-ground attackers. When cornered, they just jump rapidly and repeatedly (and if the groove permits, low jump) with their attack. For example, the Blanka got me into a corner and then pressured the CRAP out of me with continuous jumping RH. How do I counter this tactic without roll? I use K Groove and Just Defending isn’t something I’m great with yet (hence why I use K groove, to practice it) so anything else to combat this?


well i don’t any of them i use rugal and his dark smash works very well i think


on k-groove i think it’s a big mistake to try to play too defensively… try to keep the battle at mid-screen. with rock, use counters and standing rh or crouching strong, both are half decent anti air. with sagat just use his tiger uppercuts or standing RH. i don’t play haohmaru all that much but i’m sure a well-timed ducking fp would help. if you keep stopping him he’ll have second thoughts about jumping in but make sure you don’t just sit around. if you’re having bad luck on the ground, try to jump into the air yourself. basically you just gotta try to see what’s coming and retaliate before you block the first hit. make him think that if he jumps in he’s gonna get hurt for it. that’s my response to the corner thing, but for bison’s stomp specifically, just see him coming and combat it air to air. j. rh with any of your characters will prolly help