How to punish "cheap" spammed moves

I don’t consider myself a really good player, but I’m certainly not a bad one. Yet, there are still moves that characters spam that give me trouble.

So, I think that this should be a place where people list moves that give them trouble and people help with how to stop them. OK? I’ll start.

  1. Ammy F+H: I regular block it, and they are still all over me. I push block it, then they are too far for any of my normals.

  2. Hulk St.H: The hit box on this thing is massive and I’m scared to punish b/c I could be hit by a random launcher follow-up.

  3. Chun Li Lightning Legs: I just have no idea what to do here.

These moves aren’t spammed in tournaments for a reason. I just need to know how to deal with them.

Block/pushblock, projectile. Lame them out if they mash it out is what I always say.

It’s easy to say “lame them out”, but with a character like Spencer, you need to get in there at some point. So what do you do?

You need an assist, like Tron or Haggar, which makes them afraid to press buttons.

So yeah, don’t listen to this guy ^

You don’t need an invincible assist, you need better team synergy. Your assists should cover your point characters weaknesses, Spencers weaknesses being getting in, or keeping people out. Any beam/beam like assist will help you with this, if you don’t already have something that covers you full screen and you had spencer on point, you’re doing it wrong. If you like your team too much to change it, good luck. If you DO have a beam assist, I don’t know. Take a note from Combofiends team synergy.

Online my Wesker is enough to handle that kind of play… All I do is gunshots, drones and teleports. Theoretically if they kill my Wesker and keep doing the same shit I’d just grapple them with Spencer, cover it with Drones to stay safe, or Bionic Arm that shit. Basically if they are mashing you know what they’re gonna do so just pick the right move that beats theirs and there you go. Don’t get flustered when you get with something, that’s just how online is. Don’t try to be ‘smart’ against mashers because it just doesn’t work.

ok first question OP, what’s your full team?

Right now, I’m running Spencer, Akuma, Sent. But i really didn’t want to make this discussion about my specific team. I wanted stuff that anyone could use.

  1. Ammy f+H…you need to specify which stance she’s in.
  2. Hulk st.C>S…Hulks S is one of the slowest recovering launchers in the game (-13 IIRC). what you can do is block st.C, dash in to bait out S, block S, then punish S for free. once any character has committed to their S, there’s nothing they can do to stop it. assists are able to be called during S’s, but unless the Hulk player has an assist like Haggar Lariat or Tron GF, or preemptively called out an assist to cover its recovery, he’s wide open.
  3. Chun LL…nothing really specific here. plenty of things you can do against Chun in general. Chuns health is 850K…hit her once and make her feel it, which should be easy with your team. Chuns distance game is weak, deny her close range altogether. if you’re blocking constant LL’s, X-factor then do an invincible move like Bionic Arm or Akuma Messatsu Shoryu/Raging Demon or pushblock then do invincible move to blow through their next LL’s (she could try cancelling LL’s into kick super or lvl3 for her own invincibility, so be on the lookout). I believe you should be able to crossover counter in Sent into Harddrive which would blow thru EVERYTHING on the screen. i don’t see much difficulty with chuns trying to LL you to death.

Good idea on the crossover counter Hard Drive, I keep forgetting that’s even in the game.

As for Ammy, I mean the disc stance. You know the typical “one button dog” combo.

First step: Remove cheap and spam from your vocabulary in relation to fighting games.

Personally I think Ammy is a bad matchup for everyone on your team. Her offense is relentless and sometimes you just have to rush her down before she pins you down.

I put “cheap” in quotes for a reason. I don’t blame anyone for using what it takes to win. I just meant to talk about the things that seems to work online but no one ever uses in a tournament.

Also, I don’t see anything wrong with the word “spam”. If you do the same thing over and over, isn’t that spamming. Not it a bad way. That’s just what it is.

Nothing wrong with “cheap,” long as you don’t mean it in the “let’s play with no throwsies!” kinda way. Cheap exists, and should be identified, you just get better at the game when you see cheap as a good thing.

To the OP, these are all things they have to be close to connect with. I’d work on preventing them connecting in the 1st place (it’s hard with Ammy, I know lol). For 2 and 3, a good idea sometimes is to block it, then dash in and then block again. They’ll do something even more unsafe to try and “punish you” for rushing in to “hit them.” If you fear Hulk might just cancel H to S, then the S should be even easier to punish, block that too. If they’re sometimes S-ing, sometimes not, intentionally, well then you’ve got a mindgame goin on. If they always do HS, then the H isn’t what you’re trying to punish, the S is.

Ammy f+H spam…just block. If she’s the first or second character and they dont have Phoenix on the team, guard cancel XF and kill her. Guard cancel XF is the scrub killer.

Hulk…Hulk can cancel his s.H into a special to keep it safe but the main thing to remember is that Hulk doesn’t get the same super or hyper armor that Sentinel does. Hulk’s armor only lasts for one hit like old school MVC2 super armor. If the character you’re using has a move that hits twice or more quickly (like X23’s s.M or dante’s qcb+L reverb shock or anybody with a rapid fire L attack) you’ll blow through the armor before he gets a chance to hit you. Sentinel’s c.M/s.M super armor can outlast multiple hits for a short frame of time since there’s no hit limit on his super armor. His S has hyper armor after 12 frames which means no matter what you do after 12 frames you will get hit.

Chun Li legs, just block or push block. She’s probably the most garbage character in the game from a range. Just keep her out and try to swing something at her from a range when she before she starts it up again. Legs has 7 frames of start up so just try to have a long ranged attack out on screen right after you pushblock her.

yah ammy reflector stance is ass in tourney play /iduunothingsbutisaythem

yea akumas online spam tatsus too and idk if its safe or lag but i cant punish lmao

If you advancing guard Ammy’s f+H at the right moment, your opponent might continue mashing H and whiff the next swing. If they whiff, that means they can’t keep mashing it to get the next hit, so anyone on auto-pilot will be vulnerable after the whiff. You could punish with Bionic Arm, Messatsu Gohadoken or a Sentinel cr.M into combo, among other things.

However, smart Ammy players will break their combos and bait the advancing guard and punish that, and even smarter Ammy’s will cover an advancing guard’d f+H with a paper instead of going into the next swing. The smartest Ammy’s will poke with M attacks and hit-confirm into f+H instead of just spamming f+H all day. So, just keep blocking and look for an opening.

Hi, I’m new to the forum but I was wondering what to do if someone spams a move such as Doctor Doom’s plasma beam or Iron Man’s UniBeam… Ill block but I cant find any openings to attack from.

Depending on your character there are lots of things you can do. All characters can just super jump forward (some can fly) and you’ve just closed the gap.
You can also full screen super them w/ certain people (Akuma, Ryu, Dormammu, ect.)