How to punish fadc



One of the things I noticed is that I don’t punish fadc. I was wondering if and how to punish a blocked dp->fadc for example. Which characters have too fast a dash to punish.


I don’t think there a lot (if any) options for punish on that, considering the entire point of FADC-ing a blocked DP is to make it safe. I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong though.


If you using someone with a grapple I think that works.


I meant dp-> forward fadc. Like when they look to throw you or dp afterwards. Do I have time to punish them or am I forced to block and tech throws.


Ex Reversal DP


You can punish it with ultra, they’re at -1 I think.


Yeah, reversal Ultra is the only thing you can do to punish. Impossible to do online because of the lag, but in face to face matches churn as soon as you see the FADC flash.


I find it, for reaction purposes to ex DP even though that is not safe but half of the time the dumb s4its are trying to grab you after a block.

Command Grab as a reversal works too. But EX tho

It depends on the situation. I recommend, however knowing how to tech that throw that will come up after that =/ before you go into anything too “in depth” for a punish. Know basics before you do fancy shit.


You can punish with Ultra 1 or Super, nothing else…most characters DP > FADC are at -1 if the dash is done as early as possible.


If you can punish with Ultra 1 or Super then you can also punish with SPD.


Um…no because ultra1 and super are both 1 frame startup, SPD is 2.


No, they’re identical. What you’re seeing is a symptom of the seemingly strange way that frame data is listed. When a move is said to have “x frames of startup” it means that it becomes active on the x frame and only has x-1 actual startup frames.

Supers and Ultras are listed differently for some reason that I’ve never fully found out. But it has to do with 1 frame advancing during the Ultra/Super flash.


doesn’t the frame data show that the supers and ultras are active on frame 1, while regular SPD is active on frame 2? so wouldn’t that mean regular SPD is 1 frame slower than ultra and super? I mean, it looks pretty self explanatory, if we’re using the same source that is.

T. Hawk’s Frame Data Super Street Fighter 4 :

if it were the same speed as a standard SPD, it would look like 1+1 instead of 1+0. for example, Ultra 2 is listed as 1+3, so its 4 frames of start up, 1 due to the flash, and active on the third frame after the flash. ultra and super are active on the very same frame the flash ends, and not a frame more.


I know that it’s active on the frame immediately after the flash, but the only way for it to actually be faster than a normal SPD is for it to acually be active during the flash. I previously never considered that, but I guess it’s possible. With that in mind, there may be some things that it can punish that a regualar SPD can’t.


yeah, its probably during the flash or something like that. its hard to measure this stuff considering were talking about 60th of a second here.


That may be what’s going on. But if it was up to me then it would be active before the flash. Like the flash would happen when T. Hawk reaches out and grabs their head. It would be extra humiliating for the opponent to have to stare at that for an extra second.


I know how to read frame data, thanks.

It’s active as soon as it’s active, in other words, it activates when you do the motion and the ultra flash plays, which is why you can’t jump it on reaction.

And SPD CANNOT I repeat, CANNOT punish dp fadc, while ultra can.


Man I thought the zangief forums were full of scrubs, here on the t-hawk forum we have newbs who think SPDs and 720 Ultras have the same properties lol


And who are you? Can you explain exactly why they’re different? It was previously explained to me as the game not accepting input commands during the Ultra flash. But now I suspect that what’s really going on is that the grab box actually appears during the Ultra flash. If that’s the case then that would mean that it’s active 1 frame earlier than I previously thought. Either way, insults are not the way to go.

Some of these answers aren’t quite as intuitive as one would expect. Otherwise someone could have simply said “it’s active during Ultra flash.” IMO, you should either try to explain some of these game mechanics or not post.


The grab itself is 0 frames, but the freeze animation is 1 frame, so they note it as 1+0

Hence why (1+1) Ibuki, Guy, and Boxer’s grab ultras can be jumped on reaction, 1 frame grab, is just as good as a 2 frame grab if you are holding up even after the spd is activated.