How to punish people when they're waking up - SSF4:AE


I play with a group of friends online, all of us would be considered newbs/casual players to you lot I’m sure but I aspire to become a much better player. Here is my problem though, and it’ll probably tell you how terrible I am at this game.

I have one friend in the group who tends to be me quite regularly due to the fact that I can never sway momentum to my side. I need to know what I’m doing wrong at the point where he wakes up. EVERY SINGLE TIME I get a knock down, I have two problems. 1) I just don’t know how to properly attack when he is waking up and 2) no matter what I try to do I get best by him simply jamming on LK as he wakes up. So, not only do I not make him pay for being knocked down, I get the worst of it because I don’t know how to get to him before his stupid ass LK gets to me, and it’s making the game absolutely frustrating and zero fun for me lately.

Can anyone help me please?


Learn what a meaty is, he’s mashing crouch tech, that’s what he’s doing. Once you learn what a meaty is, he WILL think twice before pressing anything besides shoryuken/reversal/ultra on wake up. Then when you think he’s learned his lesson, just walk up and throw him, and he won’t know whether to tech like a little girl, or just block. Heheh’ Remember don’t forget to watch out for reversal’s though, but AT THE SAME TIME, don’t be scared to get in his face with low meaty’s, throw’s and cross ups, ect.

Sorry that was unprofessional.


Any chance I could get you to tell me what a meaty is? And i don’t know what “crouch tech” is but he’s literally just smashing on either the LP or LK, nothing more.

Also, no idea what a reversal is in order to watch for it.


I get the feeling if his friends really are at the level he’s stating, it’s not crouch tech at all. They’re just mashing.

Meaty: An attack that hits an opponent as soon as they wake up to they are forced to block it in its later active frames. This is often an attack with high active frames such as SF4 M.Bison’s crouch short. When executed correctly, gives more frame advantage due to hitting later: there are less active frames to wait through.

Meaties blow up people who are mashing on buttons or trying to jump as they wake up, since your attack is is hitting them as soon as they can be hit. That means that unless they block or do an invincible reversal, they’re going to get hit. A really obvious example is something I used to do to my sister when we played SF2 for the Sega Genesis. I’d keep hitting her with M. Bison’s slide as she woke up, and since she wasn’t blocking, just kept getting hit. That’s an example of a meaty, even if it’s a crude low level one.

Reversals are usually invincible moves that are performed on wake up or out of block/hitstun. They are generally unsafe if they miss or get blocked. When someone does a dragon punch or similar move after they get knocked down at the first possible moment they can, you’d say they did a wakeup reversal dragon punch. Reversal refers to both the timing of the move (done at the first possible moment after you get knocked down/placed in block/hitstun) and the move itself (using an invincible reversal to shift the momentum of the match.) The term “wakeup x” where x is the name of a move is referring to reversal moves performed specifically after your character is knocked down.


Reversal - Special move on wakeup. Usually invicible, like a shoryuken or ultra

Meaty - Throwing out a move to where the opponent wakes up “into” the move that’s already hitting. It’ll beat your friend mashing buttons, but will lose to anything invicible

Crouch Tech - Teching a throw while crouching. Basically, it looks like a crouching light kick.

So what you need to do when you knock him down is punch him in the face on wakeup. Once he starts blocking that, try grabbing him or doing something else, like jumping over him with an ambiguous crossup so he can’t tell which side it’ll be on. Basically, make him respect the fact that you can & will hit him as he’s getting up.


Thanks for the help thus far everyone!

Meaty attacks. Is this something there are lists or charts online for that I could find?

Also, does anyone have any other suggestions for options to help me keep the upper hand when my opponent is waking up?


Just about every single normal can be used as a Meaty attack. Some characters have setups to get it constantly, while others you just have to find the timing yourself.

How to keep the upper hand when they’re waking up just depends on what they do.

If they keep mashing out normals then just meaty attack them all day or do safe jump shit.

If they do a wake up special then safe jump it if possible or just block.

If they do nothing you can do block strings or just throw.

more to it, but its the basics of what you can do.


Just to be a semantic douche:

A meaty will not beat normals on wakeup. There’s no reversal window for normal moves, so if you time a frame-perfect meaty there’ll no be normal there to be beat. This is the same reason you’ll never get a meaty counterhit unless they do a non-invincible special move. “Meaty” can (and very often does) also refer to a slightly delayed attack on the opponents wakeup which, when properly timed, will beat any normal attack.

There is no set list for meaty attacks. The term “meaty” itself is just a term created by the players, and not a specific property coded into the game.

As for beating button presses on wakeup, here’s a tip:

Simply step back to a range where their light attack will whiff and as they’re getting up, hit them with a far reaching attack, such as with Ryu. Make sure it’s a move the opponent can’t punish if they block it (that means don’t do sweep!).

If the first part of my post is confusing feel free to ignore it, it doesn’t matter right now.


Can’t wait to get a session in later tonight and put some new things into action, thank you guys for your help and your patience when dealing with a newb like myself.


Remember man, Youtube is your best friend. Also, if you play shoto, throw those fire balls! Stay aggressive on that scrub! O_O