How to punish/suppress triangle jumps other than srk?

Triangle jump spammies really makes my ryu mad, how does my ryu make them sad?

Are you talking constant cross ups? If so check crosscounter’s tutorial of Ryu with Air, he goes over how to counter and explains other strategies.

no i mean rufus, yun, yang and akuma etc… triangle jumps.

triangle jump =/= dive kicks

lol ok dive kicks…sorry about that, triangle jumps is like chunli’s and vega’s?

There are no triangle jumps in this game, the term is used for games like MvC3 where character can air dash to the ground quickly for a high low mixup.

call haggar, tron, captain commando or psylocke assist. against the twin’s dive kick, st.hp if the distance is right. against rufus’s dive kick.

sorry about the mistake there, i thought it was the same thing.

Thanks caesar for the info, I have tried those methods, but against a decent yun I can’t consistently get a trade even if there were enough time to let the mp hitbox come out, half of the time I get overpowered by yun’s dive kicks, something I can improve? Thanks.

You might wanna take a look at Alex Valle vs. Daigo Match at EVO 2K11, great example for Ryu Players to know the Yun Matchup. For the most part, Alex would counter the dive kick with a if I remember correctly. Dunno if its timed or just mashed, but Alex was certainly looking for it AND that has certainly surprised many people regarding this matchup. You might wanna go to training mode and record a dummy yun doing a dive kick, or ask a friend to do it with you and try other options from there, but and well timed mp srk works as far as I know.