How to Punish the Jump Happy?

I play lots of people, who, when fighting Makoto, decide that jumping a lot is best, just to avoid karakusa.

Sometimes I can stop them with LP hayate (sets up juggle state) HP hayate. Sometimes this doesn’t work. Does this work on all characters? (which means that I’m timing it wrong.)

I also try to parry their jump ins, then HK karakusa, which works when I can actually do it.

Also, I was just wondering, isn’t it almost impossible to grab someone as long as they just hold up for the entire game? Obviously that’s not a good strategy against Makoto, but for Yun players it seems like they always jump when I’m setting up Karakusa, so I need help stopping those guys.

If any character tries to jump post hayate you can always start the juggle with a well timed LP hayate no matter who you’re fighting. Or you could keep em grounded with --> LP hayate. Or even safer, --> EX chop…keep them grounded and even if they block it your safer.

You can always make them just as frustrated by dashing under every jump in or dive kick if you have enough time to. Dash under Yun (or any character for that matter) if you don’t think you will have the upper hand if you try to jump up with him and J.HK or J.MK. Eventually it will feel like your instinctively dashing under them.

Or of course parry the jump in attack if you can like you said.

you can try, after a Dash to Karakusa, s Lk xx Mp//Hp//EX Fukiage (depends of your foe), Im do this sometimes and works well on Jumping Chuns… and if you’re playing w S.A. III [Tanden], you can xx into Tanden and do other Fukiage to stun. :wink:

when im close to corner i like to shoot them down with when they bounce back go for the kara karasuka cuz they usually block after that. but watch out for EX srks.

if that gets old and they like to jump out of that, do kara EX oroshi, i stuffed a few EX srks with it too.

and during post hayate i noticed that most jumpers will parry when you post hayate then normal them, so make sure its or to be safe. is good but parry people can just throw out a parry high or low. is a good tool too, dont forget it. as well is i’ve shot down a few with those.

if they’re out of range building meter f+hp isnt a bad choice if placed right. also for those who jump backward. its hard to parry the next 2 hits too.

also trip guard c.hp is good for back jumpers. dash in c.hp trip guard sets up ur mixup game.

im still a makoto scrub though so you might wanna wait for the pros to post before you try and of these :tup:

I wrote this a while ago in the main thread…

makoto has a ton of options against someone who jumps all day to avoid karakusa.

  1. AA with normals, such as s.hp,, c.rh,
    and in some cases you or will stuff jumps/jump attacks

  2. meet them in the air. makoto has got some good priority in the air, especially if you manage to bust out a tsurugi. jumping mk and jumping hk have some sick extension, and if you manage to get it out a jumping fp isnt bad either…

if you manage to land the tsurugi, you get free combo or mixup afterwards
if you land mk hk or fp, you can land and dash in before they hit the floor for tons of options.

  1. keep them grounded. oroshis are AMAZING for stuffing jumpers, especially if you kara them. so are EX tsurugis. combine your rushdown and meatys with these two for people who like the jump, and theyll eat oroshis, ex oroshis, and ex tsurugis all day.

c.rh,,, and are pretty good at keeping your opponent on the ground too.

  1. kara’d fukiages are actually pretty decent as a “shoryuken” and allows for followups on hits, in situations where you don’t have enough time to kara one, an ex fukiage works well, with that little “dash” she does before performing it. if you manage to land 3 of these, u should win, since they should either be stunned, or close to it ^^

  2. utilize your dash to cross them up. with makotos disgusting dash, you can dash under your opponent from almost anywhere on the screen. i like to dash under and do > jab hayate to set me up for post hayate mixups.

  3. wait for them to jump in, empty or not, and reset them with s.jab or s.fp. you may have to be decent at parrying to do this, but if you can manage to utilize this option, your opponent will stop jumping at you in a hurry.

a reset with a jab allows for 3 basic resets. (at least from what i’ve used/seen)

-you can either dash under them to get on the other side for whatever it is you want to do from there. (usually you can hit them with s.fp > SAII, or > SAI, maybe even try to hit confirm a to SAI). even aside from supers, the options are plentiful.

-you can stand still and c.fp to get them on the ground. which results in possibly the most favorable position for a makoto.

-you can try for a kara-karakusa

a s.fp reset is a little trickier, and requires a little more dexterity. since you should buffer the s.fp to a hayate and immediately cancel it for a quicker recovery time from the s.fp. if you can manage this, you have the same options as a jab reset, but you hit them a little harder

  1. throw out another quick jab hayate in a post hayate game. if this connects, you get another free hayate. (This is risky as HELL)

the idea here is that if your opponent is not dumb, he/she will realize the “riskyness” of that 2nd hayate, and begin to block it in order to punish you. yea you’ll eat a super or 2, but you’ve trained your opponent to sit still after a connected hayate ^^. if this is the case, karakusa them after that first connected hayate all day

Thanks a lot for your replies.