How to punish wake up option select grab



Hello everyone,

I’d like to know if you guys have any idea of a decent punish for “wake up option select grab”.
I feel like if i dash backwards i dont really have the reach to do a lot as chun li to punish that.
I didnt find answers on the forum, so i ask for your almighty knowledge.

Thanks by advance for your tips :).


That’s not what an option select is, they just wake up grab.
If you backdash like you said, you can punish with or ex legs/super. You’re right, her backdash pushes her so far that the punishes you get aren’t that good.
The absolute best way to punish it is to do a neutral jump and then air lightning legs with medium kick. If they block it you will be +1 (if you did it low enough) so you can continue pressure. If they throw, then you will hit them in their recovery and can combo to cr.lp,, xx spinning bird kick (or heavy lightning legs).

You can also try to time your jab so that you hit them out of the startup of their throw, which is pretty hard to time and also a bit riskier because you open yourself up to a lot of other things (like if they mash jab, you will get counterhitted).


I’ll try to do more IAL against that. And back dash into super can be nice.
Thanks for the insight :slight_smile: Will be of a great help !


Fwd mp into super doesn’t work. Only works on counterhit, but you won’t get that from a throw whiff. You can use raw super though.


ok :slight_smile: But raw super is kinda risky xD Better be sure about the incoming throw whiff